Wedding Photography and cinematography

Wedding Photography and Cinematography

When the time comes that you have to do the key planning for the wedding, every single thing seems important. Whether it is the decoration or the food menu structure, you can’t deny any one of them without a doubt.

All of your plans are mainly dependant on one thing and that is your budget. You can’t just pick all the expensive ideas and get along with the wedding. The topmost thing that will surely work is to balance all your intentions in a strategic way.

As the wedding is full of memories, photography and cinematography are the things that you can’t ignore at all. You need to gather all that happiness and positive vibes of everyone and compile it in a photo or video format according to your preference.

At any time period, you will get the chance to renew all the glorious memories along with your family members.

From the following article, you will get to know all about wedding photography and cinematography. So, stay around and have a look on it.


Wedding Photography: Why is it Important?

The main priority of the wedding ceremony is the couple and the main focus should always be on them. To add that spark in their beauty, backgrounds like flowers and other kinds of designs are carefully put. Thus, it creates that eye relaxing experience and most importantly lets you capture all of that in the camera.  

Likewise, below some other basic reasons that make a wedding photography an important one. Have a look.


·        It will be Like a Story

The photography will allow you to relive the whole day from the time you started dressing up to the moment the entire noises are diminished. With these beautiful moments in your possession as a photo album, you will get an idea of the overall story that the pictures are telling. You might even connect the dots according to your creative mind. 


·        All Wedding Parts will be Captured

It is obvious that you won’t get the opportunity to observe all the moments during the wedding. There will be a time where you will have to greet the guests and check whether the foods are being served or not. So, it will be a hectic situation in total. But thanks to wedding photography, you will get to view all of the parts that you have missed.


·        You will Have an Emotional Roller Coaster Ride

Whether you are a bride or groom or even a regular family member, the emotions that will generate while you get to see the photos will be out of the world. Some of them will be happy and joyful while others will be highly emotional.

Getting to tie the knot is one of the special experiences of any human being and wedding photography makes sure that you get to recall it constantly throughout your lifetime.


·        Some of the Photos can be Used for Home Decoration

Other than capturing photos of the people, there will be various shots of the beautiful decorations in the ceremony. You can create a photo frame if you want and put it onto your wall of any spot inside your home. This will not only look good but will definitely catch everyone’s attention.

Moreover, you can even use it as a gift for your loved ones during their birthday or any other special occasion.


·        Photos will Look More Professional

If you are looking for high-quality photo shots, hiring a professional will be the best choice that you should go for. There will be zero blurred images that you might get from the camera of smartphones.

Luckily, professional cameras are built to provide top-notch photos and the person that uses it is also skilled. They know all the tools and techniques to get your job done efficiently and their utmost objective is customer satisfaction.


·        There will be No Physical Effort from Your Side

Like the previous reason, a professional photographer will take your entire burden and give you that relaxing experience during the wedding time. You can use that time to help others and do the management if there are shortages of people.

So, choose the kind of professional according to your budget. If you search the website, there will be hundreds of them nearby your area. Consult with them and decide on the one that you are going to hire.


Wedding Photography Tips

Check out some of the tips for wedding photography. This will be a big help if you are looking for additional suggestions.


·        Consult with the Photographer in Advance

Make an appointment with them and let them know all about your desires that you prefer to be captured on that special day. If possible, take a checklist with you and hand it over to them.

Clear out all the confusion and uncertain problems beforehand so that all the photography tasks can go according to your plan and you get the ultimate satisfaction at the end.


·        Take their Advice about the Lighting Arrangement

It is obvious that all the decorations will be done before the photographer arrives with the equipment. They might bring some lighting tools also but it is better for you to take some extra advice from them.

Ask them how the lights will focus on the couple and towards the overall area so that there are zero reflections. It is necessary that you create a blueprint about the lighting arrangement before the ceremony begins.


·        Have Faith on the Photographer

You should simply put all your faiths in them as they are highly skilled in this particular area. They have been doing this work constantly so you should be tensed about the fact that whether the photos are going to be perfect or not.

In that sense, it is a clever approach that you should check the photographers’ previous projects so that you can get an idea about the kind of results you will be getting in the upcoming future.


·        Keep Everything Simple

The wedding day will probably be hectic, but a clear mind will be the one that you should lock into. Not only your mindset, keep the decorations simple and make the ceremony are spacious.

Avoid overcrowding at any cost because it will create problems for people present in the ceremony and due to that, the photo shots will look congested and lifeless. So, keep this thing into consideration.


Wedding Cinematography: Why is it Important?

If the wedding requires capturing every single detail as precisely as possible, wedding cinematography will be the perfect pick for anyone. The moment the beautiful bride walks down the aisle to the vows taken by the couple, everything will be recorded with perfection.

Other than the couple, the video will also consist of the family members and other relatives. You will be able to remember these beautiful scenarios filled with emotions at any time of your life.

Below, there are some of the basic reasons that make a wedding cinematography an important one.


·        There will be the Presence of Voice

Yes! You will have all the marvelous wedding photos that you can look onto till your last breath. What about all the words and sounds of the people present at the wedding? You won’t get that from the photos, right!

Wedding cinematography will let you hear all the background music along with couples vows and the conversations of other people. Don’t be tensed, because the quality of the video will be similar to that of the photo.


·        Can Relive the Special Occasion for a Lifetime

The most important part of a person’s life is their wedding day and the special moment that the couple will mostly be focusing on is their vows. This is the beautiful moment where they commit to love and stay with each other forever.

If you have a wedding cinematographer in place, their skill will come into play and they will make sure that all the shots are of high quality. The words that the couples will say to each other will be captured in a way that you will be able to hear it clearly during the time you turn on the cinematography. You never know, the memory line might make create some tears of joy.


·        Emotions from Different Areas will be Shown

You will be able to view all the emotions in different areas other than the couple. There will be special moments and there will also be some funny moments. If you watch the video, you will get to feel the emotion of people from different age groups.

If you just came home from a hectic day and are not in a good mood, the wedding cinematography will surely be a stress reliever for you. All the shots will help you divert your attention to the special day and you won’t even remember the time when you were stressed in the first place.


·        Your Children will be Surprised

Show it to your beloved children and they will be struck with amazement. They will also get to relive the special moments by sitting in the front seats with the audience.

Although they were not present during that time, thanks to the cinematography, they won’t feel that vagueness at all. They might even show your wedding video to their next generation also. You never know, these can turn out to be a trend that can carry throughout the generations.


·        A Good Combination with the Photographer

The team of the photographer and cinematographer will be the perfect combination for any wedding ceremony when you are looking to capture every single moment and don’t prefer to miss any one of them at all.

If a photographer misses capturing a specific moment, no problem! The cinematographer will be there to the rescue. They will fill all the gaps and will tell you the story that you were craving for from the beginning.


·        Builds a Stronger Family Bond

Suppose you are angry with your family members for some specific reason and you prefer to take some space from them. Watching the wedding cinematography will refresh your whole mood and there you will not be focusing on the negative aspects of your family at all.

You might even consider reconciliation after you are done watching. If this pattern goes on constantly, the strength of the bond inside your family will be unbreakable.


Wedding Cinematography Tips

Here are some of the best tips that you can follow for that extra special day.


·        Hire a Professional

A wedding ceremony should be perfect in all aspects. So, hire a professional cinematographer to be on the safer side in terms of getting top quality shots. Don’t rely on iPhone or other Smartphones as some of the shots might come out blurry.

Accordingly, before you start the hiring process, check some of them onto the website. Analyze their previous works and make sure you are scheduling a face to face consultation. In this way, you will be able to sort out all the confusion and other stuff before the special day arrives.


·        Share Your Desires to the Cinematographer

Ask them about the sounds and effects that they are going to insert. Take their delivery time and set a reminder onto your cell phone (if you prefer).

Direct them to capture every single area from the venue to the decorations and the people present in the ceremony. If you have a theme in the back of your mind, share it with them and come out with a strategic approach from both sides.

Do some other groundwork and negotiate with their payment plans at the end.


·        Pick the Suitable Soundtracks

Most of the advice are mentioned above, but still, this tip is also an important one that you can’t ignore. So, pick the right sounds according to the footage of the ceremony and don’t just use your favorite songs in all of them.

There should be a perfect balance between the sound and the footage so discuss it with the cinematographer in advance to avoid any kind of hassles.


·        Make Necessary Customization

After the wedding is finished, all of the captured moments will be organized in a cinematic format so that it can be like a story that can be easily understandable. Normally, professional cinematographers take help from the latest video editors to get the best result possible.

If your wedding is recorded by your friends or family members, they can also use some online video editors to get similar results like the professional. If they possess the skill of the professionals, that’s great; otherwise, it is best that you hire the skilled ones.

After all, the documentation will be your asset for a lifetime. So, avoid taking any shortcuts.



These are all about wedding photography and cinematography.

Go through it a couple of times and share it with the people around you.

Have a good day!