Web Design and Development


Web Design & Development

Web design and development are the key aspects to increase the growth of any kind of website. Whether you are planning to build an educational or business website, these two features will be a must need.

As technologies are upgrading to an unimaginable extent, you must keep track of all the new information regarding web design and development. If you don’t do that, the situation will become terrible with time and it might become a challenge for you to flip the overall scenario.

So, this shows that business, educational or other types of industries are completely dependent on the services provided by the websites. For your benefit, the following article is written on web design and development and it is filled with information that will surely help you out in the long run. Let’s check it out.

Web Design

Web design is the foundation of any kind of website. Without it, the site will be completely lifeless. Thus, web designers are the main people that play a key role in making the website come to life. They first take an idea (mainly a blueprint) and visually designs it to make it user-friendly.

The more appealing and eye-catchy the website will be, the more users will go onto the site. These kind of designers are no different than an architect for a building. Their works may be different but their theme is identical without a doubt.

Accordingly, creating the layout is their main task and after they are done with that successfully, they transfer it over to the web developers. Their work might sound easy but you will be surprised to know about the fact that these tasks are highly challenging.

At the end of the day, the website will only be profited when a user will click in it. As a result, the designers had to do lots of research about the users' demand and the proper ways to make the site look as attractive and welcoming as possible.

Different software like Adobe Photoshop and other latest applications are used to make the overall layout and other basic visual stuff.

Key Roles

Below, you will find some of the key roles that a web designer must perform in order to get their job done successfully.

·        Use Proper Software’s

They should use famous software like Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, and Framer when it is time for them to create the layout in the final phase. These computer applications will help them out in creating, and even editing designs that they might feel the need for customization.

·        Think from the Perception of the Users

The need to think from the users’ point of view of is a must and the designers should use it initially before it gets handed over to the developers. They should also check what kind of images will make it comfortable to the users of all ages, where the buttons will be placed, what kind of functions will be inserted, etc.

In this way, web design will be properly analyzed smoothly.

·        Need to be Properly Skilled

The designers must have proper expertise in areas like the logo and graphic design. These are the basic elements that will guide them towards making the perfect website.

·        Always Stay Updated with the Latest Changes

They should keep themselves updated constantly with the trends. It will be a strategic approach that they should design the website in a way that looks quite similar to Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other renowned websites. This clever step will make sure that the user will always feel familiar during the time they enter the site.

Web Development

Web development can only start its journey when the design is done completely. The developers or the programmers are the key persons behind this important role. Their job is to make the website in a fully functioning manner so that the site can start providing different kinds of services to users around the world.

Software like HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), PHP (Personal Home Page), WordPress and other complex applications are used to make the website come to life.

Key Roles

You will get to know the roles from the following section. 

·        Use the Correct Developer

Web developers are divided into two categories, front-end, and back-end developers.

The former one mainly bridges the gap between the web designers and the back-end developers. Their prime task is to create the interface without any flaws and then build the total layout that will create a connection between the websites and the user.

The mandatory softwares that help them to get their job done are HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), JS (JavaScript), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). These applications are the main components to create a smooth-running website.

·         Mandatory Tasks for Back-End Developers 

This type of developer performs when a user applies any kind of request on the website. They operate and regularise the server data and ensure that all the database connections are functioning properly.

If a user prefers to create an account to submit and save some important stuff virtually, the database storage and server connections become an important thing. So the role of back-end developers becomes very important constantly.

Programming languages like PHP (Personal Home Page), ASP.NET (Active Server Pages), SQL (Structured Query Language) are used for this total process.

·        Take Help from IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

These development environments are very helpful and supportive for front-end as well as back-end developers. Basically, these are the softwares that provide you the opportunity to code and create the structure of the website.

Along with that, they should use version control application tools to keep storage of the previous versions. If the developers have to go to the undamaged or untouched version, they can easily make it possible with the help of this modern software.

Basic Web Design and Development Rules

Here, you will get to know about some basic rules that you should follow to organize the web design in a top-notch format.

·        Smooth Navigation

If users are increasing on a daily basis for a particular website, it is a believable fact that the site can easily be navigated by users. Complicated websites normally lose their value due to this issue. Hence, web designers must be very careful all the time.

However, the current proof in this regard is Facebook and the billions of users. Other than its virtual connecting features, it is highly user-friendly. Therefore,  even uneducated people can easily use it without asking anyone for assistance.

·        Contrast Issues

The color contrast is also an important area that needs to be taken into consideration. Contrasting efficiently will make the website look clearer and more visible to the users. Likewise, the software creates a platform for the designers to contrast different shapes, models and many more.

·        Zero Complexity

If you are a designer, always try to make the website look simpler and clean. This will prevent the users from not getting distracted by the overly crowded features that you might have seen on some websites.

Due to this reason, make sure that you are creating a guideline for the users so that they can easily move from one page to the other without getting angry or frustrated.

·        Equal Proportions of Layout

It is not only necessary but a mandatory procedure for web designers to create a type of layout that is balanced in terms of coloring. There are light and dark colors known as heavy elements and also smaller and lighter colors known by light elements. So, to get that even output, the elements from both sides should be perfectly balanced.

·        Adaptable to All Devices

With the invention of the latest technologies like smartphones, tablets, etc, the majority of the people are getting dependent on these devices regularly. This has become a part of their life because of compatibility and flexibility.

You can use their dependency as an opportunity by making your website compatible with desktop as well as other devices that are mentioned above. If you manage to do that, you will have a huge competitive advantage in the market which can give your website a massive boost towards success.

·        Highlighting Targeted Spots

Highlighting key areas can be a smart way that a designer can apply in order to draw the attention of the users towards a specific area. However, it is best to avoid using this technique in major portions of any website because this will become completely useless at the end.

The users will surely get confused about the intention of the website and this will slowly decrease the presence of the users, unfortunately. So, better to keep it at a minimum and precise so that it is easily understandable by the people throughout the world. 

·        Less Buffering Time Period

We always prefer to get things within a matter of seconds and in case of a website, the situation is also the same. No user will like to spend a couple of minutes for a website page to load because the chances are high that they will cancel the page due to disappointment.

Therefore, to overcome this problem, you should compress different codes in programming software like JavaScript, HTML, CSS. You can also work on the image sizes in order to decrease the HTTP requests. This total procedure will be efficient in reducing the buffering time of your website and will make it very fast when a user will open it in the first click.  

Business Benefits

If you are planning to create a website, it is best that you should research some business benefits that will help in successfully establishing your business. Some basic information is provided in a brief format so that you can easily understand it. Read on to find out more.

·        Improvement Opportunity

You won’t be able to profit from your business if your web services are not up to the mark. A single bad review from a user can have the power to drag your website straight to the ground.

To prevent this hassle from occurring, you should always update the services and keep track of the customers’ reviews. If they provide some negative comments, take it seriously and start working on it. This virtual platform provides you the opportunity to solve the problem whether you are running the website from your office or even at home.

·        Cost and Time Savings

Proper organizing of web design and development can save a major portion of your costs in the long run. These savings will turn out to be your future gains if you can manage it with proper dedication and consistency. Not only that, you don’t have to interact with the customers face to face.

Some situations might need you to physically visit them. Unfortunately, this will cost you time and also money. With the use of the website, you can easily maintain your communication with them virtually and the queries can be solved instantly. Overall, this is a very good business benefit that many companies love.

·        Profits From Ads

Commonly, you have seen lots of advertisements when you have gone onto any websites of your preference. The ads will pop up whether you like it or not. This can turn out to be an irritating situation for some people and luckily applications like ‘ad blockers’ are there for the rescue.

At the same time, the astonishing fact is that the website owner is reaping the rewards from the ads. Normally, the advertisement comes from other companies who prefer to market or promote their products or services through a renowned or running site.

So, a deal is done between the owner and the other company that will supply their advertisement stuff. Specific payments are set for this kind of purpose and if the ads are profiting from your website, the owner will definitely get some handsome payments with time.

·        E-Commerce Websites

Nowadays, people love to order stuff online rather than physically buying it from shops. This saves their transportation cost and also some amount of time that can get wasted due to this.

One of the top business benefits that are creating buzz globally is e-commerce websites. Take a look at Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc. These are the world's most renowned sites that are helping people and are also earning billions of dollars in an unimaginable extent.

Not only domestic products, but people can also order things from other countries as well just by placing an order from an e-commerce website.  


These are all the fruitful details of web design and development that you must know in this current generation.

Share it with your loved ones. They will surely be benefited from this.

Have a good day!



Pricing Plan

Company Website

$150 $200
  •  Responsive Design

  •  Basic Information Pages

  •  Contact Form

  •  Fast loading

  •  Social media integration

  •  Easy to Update

  •  Affordable to improve

  •  Security Features


E-Commerce Website

$200 $250
  • Responsive Design

  •  Modern & Clean Interface

  •  Customer Relationship

  •  Shipping Options

  •  Service/Product Page(s)

  •  Store Management

  •  Easy to Update

  •  Security Features


Educational Website

$250 $300
  • Responsive Design

  •  Basic Information Pages

  •  Contact Form

  •  Powerful CMS

  •  Powerful Calendar

  •  Powerful Database

  •  Dynamic Notice Board

  •  Security Features