Video Production & Video Editing

 Video Production & Video Editing

In this technological generation, video is considered as one of the most powerful sources of displaying knowledge and other types of information among the people. Whether it is a movie or an interview, any kind of message can be conveyed in a summarized format so that any viewer can easily get a good grasp of it.

You can change someone’s perception through a video if your content is filled with all the necessary ingredients. All of these things can be achieved with the help of video production and video editing.  

If you are looking for an article that will provide you with the basics and other in-depth information about this area, you just came to the right place. Let’s get started.


What is Video Production?

Video productions are not only just shooting video and get it over with. The production is a long procedure that lots of stuff like writing or planning, shooting and then editing are included. Thus, the project is considered huge because the output of the video will be displayed for worldwide people.

Look at the Hollywood movies or some renowned News channel; all of them are a perfect example of video production. All the tasks are planned beforehand and then it is executed strategically. The content and quality of your video will determine whether your project will be a success or not.


What are the Processes?

Video production needs to undergo three stages. Each of them is highly important and sensitive because they are all interconnected.

The three stages are Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production. The first stage basically plans all the tasks and other organizations of different elements. The second stage is completely focused on shooting and gathering all the fruitful stuff that you prefer to have in your video.

Finally, the last stage is the editing part where all your captured videos are combined and modified to get attractive output that will catch everyone’s attention.

Below, you will get further explanations about the video production process. Each stage is elaborated in a very easier form so that you can understand it without any confusion.


Stage 1: Pre-Production

In this stage, it is all about researching your working area, preparing all the necessary contents, clearing out any uncertainties and coordination of all the elements along with the necessary skilled people.

This production stage consists of:

1.     The master plan of the video

2.     Overall Budgeting

3.     Choosing the story that will create a buzz among people

4.     Total time to get the job done

5.     Creating the scripts

6.     Recruiting the characters according to the desired role

7.     Gathering all the equipment for the production

8.     Picking the right spot for the shooting

To complete all of the mentioned checklists above, the production team should schedule a meeting where they will be able to share their point of view and ideas to level up the total video production process.

Here are some of the brief explanations that will give you a hint about what happens behind the curtain.


·        Detailed Discovery

You have to make an appointed time to bring the stakeholders and the production team of your company so that they can talk about and analyze the goals and mission of the video. The discussion of the message the video will display among the audience should be the mandatory topic because it is the main objective for any video.

If you don’t have a company but are planning to work with an outside company that deals with video production, you have to discuss different aspects like profit sharing, target people, video completion deadline and many more.


·        Meeting with the Character

After you are done selecting the right character, it is time for you to set up a meeting between the producer and the chosen one. They will be discussing the shooting schedule, location and other detailed stuff.


·        Shooting Spot Visit

This is not mandatory if the producer is already familiar with the spot. If not, the location checks out will be a smart decision because you never know what kind of obstacle might arrive out of the blue during the time you are shooting. So, it is better to take precautions beforehand.


·        Final Preparation

Before start shooting, you should check all of the materials that will be needed for the video. This can be like checking the scripts about any kind of flaws, organizing all the required equipment, character evaluation, etc.

You should take the preparation for all this procedure so that the production stage can go as perfectly and efficiently as possible.


Stage 2: Production

This stage will be the platform where you will be able to make your vision come to reality. You will get the opportunity to do the interviews or capture a specific video according to your plan.

Therefore, to put all of your ideas and other clever approaches onto your video, you should consult with the producer.

Production stage consists of:

·        Positioning and setting up of all the equipment according to its required spot

·        Starting and capturing the interviews or other types of footage

·        Gathering additional footage in case you plan it to use to highlight the total video


Stage 3: Post-Production

As you have done capturing all of the necessary footage, it is time to move on to the third stage that is post-production. In this phase, all of the videos will be carefully organized and edited by your production team to make it a complete video.

However, before the editing starts, the producer will be reviewing all the interviews or other footages to make a decision on which one will be included in the video and needs editing and which one will not. After that, it is handed over to the editor for the ultimate task.

Post-Production stage consists of:

·        Accumulating of all the interviews or other captured videos

·        Connecting all of it according to the requirement of the story

·        Adding sounds or music

·        Editing of the video

·        Showing it to the producer again to get the final approval

·        Final submission of the total video

As this process is highly important and complex, you should be mentally prepared that it will take some amount of time before you get the final output.

The production team might give you their submission date and it is better that you should give them as much time as they prefer or else they might have to restart the editing process if things go south.

After they have submitted to you the final video, you have to show it to the stakeholders, producers and other top-level persons. If they are not satisfied with some of the areas in the video, it should be edited again. Once everything is all set and finalized, the video should be exported into the required format.

Now, you can upload it to Facebook, Youtube or any other virtual sites to make it famous among people. Make sure you have taken the permission of the producer before you make it accessible onto the internet.


Importance of Video Production

Video production comes with various types of importance. Go through it to get the total idea.


·        Reliable

Video production is a very systematic and lengthy process. You can’t just capture a video and be satisfied with the outcome. If you are shooting in your desired spot or even inside your home, all of the individual footages needs to get merged in a proper form.

Along with that, both the time and location must be comfortable for every member of the production team. Pointing out each of these criteria and solving these will make the production a highly successful one, and hence, it is reliable.


·        Forecasted Time

If you use the latest devices like smartphones or tablets, you do know when you are getting your video. In the case of video production, the situation is completely different. As the process is quite long, all the team have to go from the planning to the action phase in a strategic way.

So, what they do is outline the shooting and editing time beforehand and with that thing in check, they estimate a probable time for the final video.


·        Budgeting

Budgeting is also one of the main parts in video production and it needs to be handled very carefully or else the total process might cost you a lot. The longer the time it takes for the planning, shooting and editing, the higher the cost will be.

Not only that, if you need to expand your team by adding new people, the same situation will happen in terms of high expense.


·        Minimum Correction

The video production process helps you in creating a blueprint initially so that you don’t have to do the constant correction. These happen when someone is unprepared and are not confident about what they are doing.

Therefore, to avoid this, this clever process creates a platform for you to present your objectives and other detailed stuffs that will help in making your vision come to life. So, this prevents any kind of additional correction from occurring while you are going to those three stages (mentioned above).

As you can see, production is massively important because it provides you to have reliable outputs with a good quality video and a predictable outcome.


What is Video Editing?

Video editing is the most important part of any video related stuff. This process is related to Stage 3 (Pre-Production) of Video production. Editing basically works on the arranging of the footages that were taken on the production stage.

Along with the altering, different kinds of clever manipulation are done to make the overall video as attractive as possible.

The mandatory tasks include:

·        Altering and organizing of different footages

·        Removing any of the unnecessary clips that do not support the story

·        Adding sounds that fit with the video requirements

·        Modifying the color transition, filtering and other visual effects

·        Including transitions to clips


What are its Main Purposes?

Video editing has infinite purposes and it differs from people to people. Everything relies on the kind of message that you want to convey to the people so that it can be easily received by them without any confusion. Below, you will find some basic purposes that are mandatory for video editing.


·        Pick the Top-Notch Footage

It is practically natural that multiple footages will be taken from different angles so that it can be reviewed later for selection. During editing, the chosen one will have the quality that will surely get positive reviews from the users globally.


·        Affect the Mood of the Viewer

All the videos should have the capability to affect the mood of the viewer according to the topic and the kind of message it wants to convey. Along with the story, different music and effects can also be a good ingredient to bring that fluctuation of emotions of the audience.


·        Include Consistency

Like a book, a video should be made in a systematic way that will be consistent with a particular topic. It will tell you a story or bring up an informative situation where it will go with the flow smoothly. Overall, the video should be understandable.


·        Add Customized Elements

A simple video will be lifeless and won’t have that spice that people might be looking for. So, the editing part makes it lively by adding beautiful graphics, sounds, effects and many more attractive features.


·        Cancel Unnecessary Clips

In editing, this removal task is the most popular out of all. There will be a situation where you have multiple footages and all need to be merged in an understandable format.

As the merging is going on, some clips will seem unnecessary to include and get removed at the end. This smart approach upgrades the quality of the overall video and will definitely maintain the attention of the viewer.



Hope you have got what you were looking for from this informative article. Share it with your loved ones and they will surely be benefited from this.

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