Software Devolopment

Software Development

When a user is planning to create a software that is brand new, software development comes into play. Not only that, it still becomes highly necessary if the same person is looking for ways to upgrade their existed computer systems.

A small or even massive corporation is dependent on software development in this current generation. Software helps people’s work very easy and smooth. The user has to give some instruction in order for the computer to obey your command. This whole process saves time and physical effort.

However, these computer science projects undergo different critical processes like creating, designing, establishing and maintaining software. Following the article, you will find out all the information that is completely focused on software development. Without further ado, let’s get started.


Types of Software Development

Below, you will find different types of software development that are being used by people throughout the world. Check it out.


1.     Web Development

Web development is used when you have to develop different unique web applications. As our current generation is highly dependent on the internet, mostpeople are diverting towards a career in web development.

After a website is designed successfully, it is then handed over to the developer to apply their coding knowledge to make the website as attractive and user-friendly as possible.

With the invention of updated web technologies and also the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), the developers can easily add some unique features onto the site so that the user can find all of their required information from a single source.

At the same time, to be a web developer, you should know these programming languages like Javascript, Python, Rails, Django, HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), PHP (Personal Home Page), etc.


2.     Application Development

This development is the most important one that is used in businesses and other large corporations. Normal users are also in need of it regularly. These applications are developed mainly for computer operating systems like Windows, Mac, etc.

The languages are inserted in a way that the system will perform according to the kind of order that you are going to insert. These will make your life easier and efficient.

Therefore, to become an application developer, you should know these programming languages like C# (C-sharp), C, C++, Python, and Java.


3.     Back end Development

Back end development mainly deals with the server aspects in database management. These are divided into three parts, server, application, and database. The responsibility for this kind of developer is quite challenging so the tasks need to be handled very carefully.

They must understand server crashing issues and know how to solve it successfully.

As the data are stored in bulk amount, security and privacy should be the primary focus of the developer. So, a proper understanding of server languages and other database skills are mandatory.

Likewise, to become a back end developer, you should know these programming languages like C, C++, Python, Java, Oracle, MySQL (Structured Query Language) and dBase.


4.     Data Science

For you to master the art of data science, you must have strong analytical skills. There will be data sets where you have to break it down in an understandable format so that it can be used for further scientific processes. In this situation, you have to develop applications based on science and other strategic approaches to get the job done.

Besides, you should also know these programming languages like Python, C# (C-sharp), C and Matlab to become a data scientist.


5.     Software Tools Development

These types of developments are mainly used by software companies and are not that much important for regular users. Usually, the developers create unique tools that can be used by other software developers to test their written codes.  

So, to become a software tools developer, you should know these programming languages like Python, Java and, C++.


6.     Mobile Development

You can also say it by the name of ‘App Development’ because it is basically used in creating different types of applications. Then these applications can be easily used in smartphones and other modern devices that are run by iOS or Androids operating systems.

To make these operating systems run smoothly without facing any technical glitch, precise programming languages are inserted to avoid any kind of problem. You can develop games or even restaurants and car trackers near your location.

If your country peoples love to stay updated with all the latest news, you can create a kind of app that will be able to fulfill their needs.

In order to become a mobile developer, you should know these programming languages like Java, C# (C-sharp), HTML5 (Hypertext Markup Language), Swift (iOS purpose) and Android.


7.     Embedded Systems Development

This type of development is done for specific software that helps in operating machines or other types of devices. Different kinds of coding are created for embedded systems like Arduinos, Beaglebones and many more.

Accordingly, you should know programming languages like Java, Python. Embedded C and Arduino (embedded C derivative) to become an embedded system developer.


8.     Security Software Development

This is also known as hacking but for testing purposes only. Collaboration between cyber-security people and legal hackers happens to develop the security software that will have the capability to store highly confidential assets of companies.

The development is done by the cybersecurity people and then the legal hackers apply their skills to hack the software so that any kind of hidden flaws can be detected. It is then solved carefully and strategically to shield it from the real hackers.

Thus, to become a security software developer, you should know programming languages that will be applicable to the system for test.


9.     Cloud Computing

The old way of storing data is now fading away gradually because thanks to the internet, you now can store all of it onto the servers. Cloud computing will do that for you by using remote servers and there will be a username and security code to gain access to it. So, the possibility of hacking is negative.

However, to become a cloud computing developer, you should know programming languages like XML, Google’s Go!, Java, etc.


10.     API Development

API (Application Programming Interface) development is done to help bridge the gap between software. When you have to use an application in an already running one, this kind of development becomes the ultimate key to unlock the mystery behind it. The best example will be the case where you play games on Facebook.

In order to become an API developer, you should know programming languages that are specified for various required designs.



In this current generation, the majority of the business is getting profited through their online services. Different kinds of promotions and other marketing stuff can easily be done virtually if proper software is developed.

It can be said that the expansion and establishment of any kind of business are highly dependent on different mobile apps and other software applications so that it is easily reachable to the customers worldwide. Below, you will find the importance of software development for business purposes.

·        With the help of it, your business will get the platform to display the products and services throughout the world. Customers will get the opportunity to easily access your developed apps using their smartphone or other technological devices.

·        Software development will help the customers in saving their valuable time and money when they are in need to buy some products or get other kinds of services. If you get positive reviews from them, your sales will definitely increase to an unimaginable extent and the profit will skyrocket.

·        Not only the customers will save their time and money, but you will also get the same opportunity as a businessman. There will be no need to go physically to visit the customers to promote or sell your products. With the development of your required software, this hassle can be prevented very cleverly.

·        You will get the chance to work or upgrade your software to maintain the demand of the customers. This can be achieved by applying different strategies in the marketing aspect of your business. In this way, they will stay loyal and your revenue will increase as well.

·        Customers will be able to communicate easily with you, thanks to the software. You can solve their queries and provide them some beneficial suggestions for their welfare.

·        There are lots of costs that are needed for training, upgrading and licensing purposes. These cost structured can easily be reduced if proper software is developed.

·        Competitive advantage can easily be achieved with the proper use of it. If you are able to develop and use your software successfully, your brand image will reach a new height at a very fast pace.



Let’s look at some of the features that make software development highly effective.


·        Cloud-Native Development

This is the way used in building a suitable type of application that can utilize the cloud environments. The application is made up of separate components known as microservices. These services are packaged in containers and the total system is used to upgrade the performance and smoothness of the application.


·        Cloud-Based Development

Cloud-based development is used on many development tasks like designing, integrating, testing, coding. Not only that, it can be used to gain access to various development tools and services like microservices, DevOps, API (Application Programming Interface).


·        Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI software possesses the capability to copy the way a human learns, decides, plans and acts. Software developments like language processing, automatic learning by the machines, etc. make the business unique and also the developer a strong competitor in the software market.


·        Low Code

It is a software development initiative that helps in creating applications more quickly with the use of a small amount of coding. Overall, the need for coding is reduced to a minimum due to this approach and the surprising fact is that it can be developed by nonexperienced coders also.


·        Mobile

Customers nowadays prefer to experience things virtually than physically because it requires less effort and saves a considerable amount of time. A skilled software developer will create the type of mobile app that has strong connections with data and helps in upgrading the experience of the user.


·        Blockchain

Blockchain is a very ledger that is highly shielded digitally. It is used to remove costs and other problems that can arise from banks, government agencies, etc. Any transaction records will be stored safely and transparently in an arrangement of blocks that are in no control of any specific authority.


Different Stages

Here, you will find the overall stages of the software development process. Follow it precisely to understand the total scenario.


1.     Planning

This is the initial process where all kinds of specialists come together in a meeting to set a particular goal. The client elaborates on the kind of output they prefer to the developers and a plan is mapped out.


2.     Analysis

In this stage, the total team takes a look into the project and analyses how they can achieve the project with the given time. Skilled people such as developers, managers, testers, designers are assigned their individual tasks and all are broken down in an understandable format. Other aspects like costs, validity, etc are also analyzed.  


3.     Designing the Software

Designing software is a very important and sensitive task. The products, database, and data structure are all designed very strategically.


4.     Programming

Constant coding is mandatory in this stage and skilled people are extremely on demand for this kind of task. Moreover, lots of programmings are needed to achieve the project so it is divided into different parts known as Task Allocation and distributed among the programmers.


5.     Execution

Each program is executed carefully and is combined to make the total program for the software. The project team takes the product and runs it on different systems to find out any kind of flaws.


6.     Testing

Verification, identifying and eliminating errors is done by the software testers in this stage. When they give the green signal, it is then transferred onto the final stage.


7.     Installation

The total software is now delivered to the clients so that they can install and run it on their devices. If they need any kind of upgrade after installing, it can be sent again for further maintenance.  



These are all the basic information that you should know about software development. Consult with the professionals for gaining additional insights.

Best of luck!