Graphics Design

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a modern way of art that is done through technological devices. Normally, a professional painter takes an image in his or her mind first and then puts it to life on a board or piece of paper.

The same situation happens in terms of graphic design, but the outputs are achieved with the help of software or some other physical art forms.

However, if you are planning on gathering different information about graphic design, the following article will be very beneficial for you. Read it from start to end and you will definitely get the overall idea about this particular topic. Check it out.


What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is commonly known as the kind of design that possesses the capability to communicate with the user. The designers are responsible for this marvelous work and to give the design life.

Their initial task is to create a blueprint of the kind of output that they want after they get the job done. Then, they have to put that idea in the form of words, images or any kind of graphics according to the requirement. This whole task can be done with computer software or by hand.

The latter one is not that famous nowadays because it requires physical effort, whereas the former one is in high demand because of its computer precision and fast output.

Accordingly, the ultimate objective of the designer is to make the company that hires them as famous as possible among the customers and to give them a competitive advantage in the market.

They basically brainstorm about some unique ideas that might help them in giving that top-notch advertisement along with attractive promotions. The creative techniques include multiple colors, logos, symbols, images, fonts, photos and any more.

There are also some situations where graphic designers took a different approach by working alongside professionals like animators, artists, etc. Thus, when it comes to problem-solving in the area of creativity and other visual aspects, the graphic designer becomes the first priority for any organization without a doubt.


What are the Elements?

As you have seen there are lots of techniques that are used in graphic designing, these processes are achieved successfully by the use of different elements. All of them have different purposes such as:


·        Lines

The varieties of lines are endless and without the use of it, any kind of design will simply be lifeless. Different lines like straight, thick, horizontal, vertical, curve are used to get that attractive outlook. These are mainly used to create separation in the overall layout and guide the viewers to follow a certain path.

It is also used to create some mystery and will give the viewer an opportunity to solve it by themselves. If the designer plans to divert the observation of any people from one point to another, they can easily do it by using lines.


·        Figures

Figures are used to fill up some vacant spaces and to give a creative look that will draw anyone’s attention out of the blue. Similarly, to assist any type of element, these are used to make that stable design. You can create any sort of shape according to your wish if you have that kind of design already imprinted in your mind.


·        Tone

The tone is always used to increase the brightness and lively aspect of the design. It is always considered as an important element in all types of work. Hence, a clear cut understanding of coloring is mandatory for any designer as the color combination will determine the overall result whether it will be a successful one or not.

If a design is looking like as it is going to die with time, coloring will definitely add life to it. You can also remove the presence of this element if your creative mind prefers to go for it.


·        Type

Types are the key component to establish a communication with the people around the world. It can be used strategically to deliver any kind of specific information to the viewer. You will find beautiful fonts with different sizes, spacing, and even colors. These components can also be placed on any kind of art if the design demands the need for it.


·        Quality

The quality of any design will determine the liveliness of it. If you manage to insert the right type of it, the appearance will surely look energetic and eye-soothing.  


Tools that are Used

All the skilled designers have their own unique ability in using the right creative approach. The combination of observation and systematic thinking can enhance the demand of any graphic designer around the world. So, the question might come into your mind that ‘What are the tools used by these talented people?’

You will get the answer right below this section, but keep one thing in mind that they prefer to apply different tactics to blend art with technology so that the communication can be easily established between the viewer and the design.


·        Drawing Paper

This one is the basic approach out of all and it has been using by people from generation to generation. There was a time when technologies were not invented and people used to take a piece of paper and design their imaginations with a pen, pencil or ink.

Nowadays, these methods are also used, but its main purpose now is to outline any kind of rough ideas in the first stage. These are then further upgraded with the use of the latest technologies.


·        Computers

In this digitalized generation, the computer is considered a blessing for every people. Devices like desktops, laptops, tablets are invented for the ease of humanity and you can also use it to upgrade your designing skills by experimenting with different features in the software.


·        Software

Software is considered the heart of the computer and various complicated stuff can be solved with the help of it. This marvelous tool possesses the capability to save your time, money and physical effort as well.

In the area of graphic design, software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator are used to modify or customize the layout so it can give that vibrant look when it is finished successfully.


Different Roles of Graphic Designer

The areas of graphic designing are vast and due to that, the roles are of various types. People around the world can pick any of them that fit with their expertise and requirement. Take a look at it and get the basic idea.


·        Art Director

You must be vigilant and patient while performing this role because it is a very important responsibility. There must be clear communication between you and the production artists and also illustrators because these people must work with each other in a balanced way so that the projects are finished within the given time.


·        Content Developer

Being a content developer is a very cool responsibility as you have to create different blogs, video contents or even audio/video podcasts.


·        Brand Identity Developer

This task is solely based on how a company wants its image or identity to be seen in front of the public and you will be doing that task very precisely.


·        Package Designer

You will be guiding the designing procedure from the time you started the project up to its ending period. As a designer, you have to apply your creative ideas to create that attractive packaging detail that will catch anyone’s attention within a glimpse of a second.


·        Visual Image Developer

As a visual image developer, you will be working on creating that comfortable and friendly experience for the user by working on the effects of photography, 3D modeling, illustrations, and other visual stuff.  


·        Visual Journalist

The task for this kind of role is to merge words with images into a visual and understandable format so that the user can get the idea about the kind of information the design is conveying. You can either do it in printed format or even in digital devices.


·        Logo Designer

Most of the companies have their unique logos and it is one of the main aspects that define their identity as well as uniqueness. You will be given the basic idea about the company and the kind of logo that they want to be displayed and from that, you have to use your skill and creativity to bring it to life.


·        Creative Director

In this role, you will be managing and leading a bunch of creative teams that mainly works on the visual aspects of the design. This might include working on the uniqueness of the advertisements and other promotional campaigns.


·        Interface Designer

This type of role is mainly preferred for web development organizations. You have to develop different user interfaces in a graphical format and make it easily usable for people around the world.


·        Web Designer

A web designer is considered a very important role in the creation of any website. The tasks are considered highly important and sensitive. You have to design different layouts, user-friendly pages, etc.


·        Broadcast Designer

If you are a broadcast designer, you have to work with lots of media people to produce a variety of graphics that will be used in television advertisements, movies, etc.


·        Multimedia Developer

You have to develop multimedia programs by working on the sound, animation, images and lots of other multimedia aspects.


·        Art Production Manager

This production role will completely focus on the efficiency of the creation in the world of arts and to get the overall procedure done within a minimum amount of cost. They usually plan and strategize the cost structure beforehand and then execute it during the time they get the project orders from the clients.


Their Work Patterns

1.     They initially start by meeting with the client to consult with them about the type of output they prefer to have.

2.     After that, they give some guidance about the kind of clever approach the client should take in order to attract a large number of users.

3.     Then, they shift their focus onto that message where the design will deliver among the users.

4.     When the consultation process is done, the designer starts to create different patterns of images that will be easily understandable by people of all ages. The main task in this step is to properly convey the message.

5.     To give that beautiful look on the logos, websites or illustration, the designers work on developing the graphics of a particular product. If it is needed, audio or visual pictures are inserted to make it livelier.

6.     These designs are either created by using hand or through the help of computer software.

7.     Proper images, fonts, layouts, and balanced colors are added for the final touch.

8.     As the project is finished, it is then presented to the clients for their reviewing purpose. If they are satisfied, no additional modifications are needed and if not, some changes are done.

9.     Finally, it is again reviewed to eliminate any kind of uncertainties.

10. According to the requirement of the client, it is either printed or published in a digital format.


Other Additional Information

Graphic designers have to overcome lots of challenges when they have to get those stunning effects that will definitely get positive reviews from every people. They are the main forces behind developing the total layout and unique designs in the area of advertisements, worldwide magazines, and even organization reports.

The designers basically try to establish a flow of communication between the text and among so that it is both observable and understandable by the users. Along with that, they have to work with writers, artists, and other skilled workers to make the design as fruitful and lively as possible. That’s because all of their contributions are highly mandatory.

Likewise, the designers must always stay updated with recent software and other graphical issues. If it becomes mandatory, they should enroll themselves in different training programs that deal with graphic designs.  



If you are planning on starting your graphic design career, don’t waste time; start working from scratch. With time, you will get the necessary skills and confidence that will help you out in the long run.

Best of luck!