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Are you interested to learn SEO? Want to get some in-depth knowledge about it? Congrats! You just landed in the right place.

Most of the startup company finds SEO as a challenging task because the website needs to get built and the design and development of it must be properly maintained. In other words, the foundation of the organization should be strong to gain a competitive advantage in the business world.

However, the good news is, with a small amount of knowledge, any people can work their way up. So, if you apply SEO knowledge strategically, you will get the opportunity to increase the ranking of your company in the search engine.

From the following article, you will find out all about SEO and other beneficial information that will definitely help you out in the long run. Let’s get started.


What is SEO?

SEO- Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing any kind of website to get organic data traffic from the result page of the search engine. You can do this by making different modifications in your websites' SEO so that it looks appealing to the search engine.

The goal is to move your site onto the top ranking of the search engine. Thus, when a user types a certain keyword that matches your website’s SEO, they will surely be able to see your site onto the first page of their search result.

Accordingly, a search engine works for the betterment of the users’ searching experience. The system will do all the scanning and other filtering stuffs on behalf of you to display top-quality websites that match  the user’s searching criteria.

Likewise, the first page shows the user all the top-ranked sites that are quite famous with a high amount of incoming traffic. Besides, if you check the site, you will find that the review section is positive and very user-friendly.

In this generation where people are highly dependent on the internet, SEO becomes the topmost priority for different organizations. If their site takes the top spot according to the matched keyword or phrases, more users will be diverted onto the site. As a result, the popularity will increase for that particular organization.

Along with that, profit and growth will skyrocket without a doubt. But to achieve all of it, SEO analysts have to apply different techniques to radiate their presence among the people through the help of a search engine.

They should focus on the SEO contents that will bridge the gap between the company and the users so that they can establish a flow of connection as well as communication.


Factors Affecting SEO

There are various factors that affect SEO both on and off the page. On-page SEO simply means on-site SEO that works directly with the website to improve its search ranking and drives more organic traffic constantly.

On the other hand, off-page SEO means tasks that are done off the site to get the same output as the previous one. Below, you will find all the factors that have the potential to affect these SEO pages. Check out the discussion.


1.     Content Marketing

Proper content will draw the search engine in a very effective way and due to this, your company can establish a healthy connection with the users. If your website is filled with the relevant content, the probability will be very much higher that your page will take the top spot on the result page.

Also, if your site is full of valuable information that has the potential to maintain the attention of any user, then the user will spend more time on your website. They might even recommend it to their loved ones and if you have an e-commerce website, they could place an order if it fits with their requirements.

Up to this point, a question might pop in your mind, “how can I strategically create content that will initiate buzz among people?” The answer to your question will be to do extensive research on different websites that are quite famous. Then, understand their content pattern about how they are capturing the target audience.

After that, you should create stuff that will be relevant to the people and easier to grasp. You can research and practice some of these contents like blogs, visual contents, different tutorials, articles, etc.

You should also include common words and phrases that people normally speak or use in their everyday life. Avoid using the complicated ones as it will ruin the chance of the visibility of your page on the searching page.

Another thing to take into consideration is whether your company is constantly updating the website or not. Regular posting will make the site alive and fresh which will turn out to be a beneficial factor for the user.

They won't have to search from one site to the other to gather the latest information and can get their job done from your source if you can maintain it properly. However, the total procedure will take some time and as an SEO analyst, you should be patient and confident throughout the whole task.

At the end of the day, the objective is to put your site in the limelight among the worldwide users. So, start from basic blog posts and if you are getting positive reviews from the readers, level up your task to other content.


2.     On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is completely controlled on the site, which means that you can customize it entirely through the help of your website. Moreover, with good knowledge, you can customize any of the SEO tasks to make it more reachable to the users.

Also, you have to work with different content and HTML (HyperText Markup Language) codes. In that regard, you will find some elements below that will help your site to be in the top search ranking.


·        Title of a Web Page

The web page title is also known as ‘Title Tag’ and is considered a very important element for your website. The reason is that it gives an idea to the search engine about the kind of information that your site is providing and this can be products or services.

For the best result, insert characters within the range of 70 or lower than that and don’t forget to include the keyword that will describe the theme of your content. Finally, mention the name of your business and you are good to go.


·        Meta Description

Like the previous one, the Meta description is also an additional element to introduce your website clearly to the search engine. General users will also be able to use it to have a clear understanding of your overall page and to find out whether it is applicable for them or not.

So, the mandatory part is your keyword and sufficient information about the content of your sites.


·        Hyperlinks

You can include hyperlinks to your content so that the search engine can understand more about your website. You will see this type of approach in different blog posts where the person that posted it includes an additional link about their products or services so that the visitor can gain in-depth knowledge about the content.


·        Sub-Headings

Sub-headings will definitely create a platform that will be easier for the visitors to check out. They will have a good time to read the contents and because of that, your page popularity will increase as well. This beneficial element will upgrade your SEO and to achieve that you should use header tags H1, H2 and H3.

The first tag is used for the main focused-keyword that will be relevant to your title and the overall content. The second tag is used as a subheading and needs to have the same keywords as H1. The third tag is used as a subheading based on H2.


·        Image Alt Text

This is a very clever tactic that should be done to improve your SEO. When you are planning to use an image in your blog posts or onto the website, make sure to insert keywords in your image name and also the alt tag to deliver a text alternative for your search engine.

If you successfully apply this, the search engine will be able to filter out your image among others when a user will type a specific keyword that matches yours.

Similarly, avoid using way too much keyword in your content in all cases and if you avoid this intentionally, the search engine might ban your page on the visitors' searching page. So, include 1 to 2 keywords for each of your contents to make it clear and concise.

Along with the content, work on the design and development of your website so that search engines can easily examine your page without any problem. To spice it up more, include internal links (mentioned above) to provide a guideline for search engines.

During the designing phase, make the website usable and smoothly accessible for mobile users as well because this current generation is highly dependent on technological devices.


3.     Off-Page SEO

Like on-page, off-page SEO is also another approach that you should apply to improve your rankings in the results page of the search engine. In this section, you have to do all the work just outside the website.

Unfortunately, you won’t have full control in this SEO task but with the right action, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your ranking within a very short period of time.

Read this different strategic process to get the total idea.


1.     Trusted Sites

There are various websites that are scattered among other millions of sites so the trust issue becomes the main factor for the search engine as well as the visitors. To earn this kind of faith, create some legal hyperlinks to include more authenticity to your page.


2.     Create Bonds with Others

Take some amount of time and try to build bonds with people that have strong fan followers and are influencing people throughout the world. If you manage to do this, they might promote your website by including your website link on their page.


3.     Likes and Shares

Likes and shares are one of the key aspects of social sites to boost and improve your website. Research on some of the famous influencers and the way they boost their page. Try to understand the kind of content they are providing and use that to your advantage. Having good content will make others share your page publicly or privately.

This proves that there are alternatives other than working directly from your website (on-page SEO). Make your content highly interesting and attractive so that you can bring out that liveliness about your specific topic. If visitors can benefit from your page, they will surely recommend it to others.


Some Tips

·        Pick a single topic for your website and don’t make it vague. You can include other topics also but you must be careful about delivering the key information to the visitors.

·        Insert keywords where it is relevant and avoid using it in multiple times. Use it in the title of your image and alt attributes so that the search engine can easily display it to the visitors.

·        Use hyperlinks to guide the visitors to your targeted pages.

·        Eliminate stuff like unnecessary images, powerful graphics and other visual contents that will slow your website. Audio and video players can also play a role in this kind of problem. So, take these things into consideration.

·        Update your website regularly to maintain the attention of visitors around the world.

·        Write content in an understandable format and use easy vocabularies most of the time. When the visitors will type it in the search engine, your page will have the highest probability to be in the top ranking on the search page.



There are multiple websites with SEO tutorials and if you are new to this, you should have a look on it. To gain more knowledge, consult with a professional as well. Above all, try to stay updated with the trends on a daily basis.

Best of luck!