Buy Youtube Channel

Buy Youtube Channel

There used to be a time when people watches the video from Television or video camera. This used to be a big hype among the youngsters when their favorite video gets uploaded at a certain time. The most loving part was the family gathering where everyone sits together to watch their favorite TV shows or other stuff.

In this current generation, the situation is completely different. You don’t have to be dependent on TV or video recorder anymore. A single Smartphone or desktop will do the work. Thanks to YouTube, every single thing is possible now, from viewing to uploading videos.

Likewise, you will be able to see different global contents and nowadays, celebrities prefer to display their personal music videos or movie trailers through YouTube. This channel is a perfect pathway to attract millions of viewers throughout the world because you can use it at any time with a single press on the button of your device.

So, if you are planning to buy a YouTube channel and looking for some detailed information regarding this, you just came to the right place. From the following article, you will get all of it. Read on to find out more.


YouTube: Meaning and History

It is simply a virtual service that allows users to watch and upload videos. If they prefer, they can also comment on it and share their perception with the world.

Back in February 2005, 3 workers from PayPal started a beta test version of their first created website known as YouTube. Their main purpose is to create a platform that will help the users to share their personal and likeable videos and view the contents of others along with it.

In this way, it will be a beneficial approach for everyone. After 9 months (November, 2005), an American venture capital firm named ‘Sequoia Capital’ invested more than an astounding $3 million onto the website as they believed it will change the course of the world in terms of technology.

After only one month, the video-sharing channel has created an enormous buzz around the world and became so popular that it earned around $1.65 billion within a year.

Regular people upload it, but the main viral happens when any kind of media firm or celebrity uploads their contents. It then becomes a chain reaction from people to people worldwide and within a couple of days, it hits millions of views. The trending channels are Vevo, BBC, CNN and many more.

If you sign up, you can upload and make money out of it and if you don’t prefer to have an account, you can be a regular viewer and enjoy whenever you prefer to watch some YouTube content.

The earning source of YouTube is from Google AdSense. This source focuses on the advertisements through the contents and the number of viewers. Then it gives a total summarization of the revenue that gets generated.

There are also some other premium membership channels with various lucrative offers and you can get some basic ideas about it if you search it on the internet.



Every day, billions of YouTube videos are shared globally and it is nearly impossible to find a person that has never taken a tour on YouTube. In the past, only youngsters knew how to use it properly but now, senior citizens are getting flexible to use it smoothly because it is highly user-friendly.

Other than video sharing, YouTube comes with lots of beneficial features. Check it out below.


·        Subtitling

People with disabilities might face the problem by watching videos and this can turn out to be a challenge for them if they are interested in viewing YouTube. With the help of subtitles, these will successfully sort out their problem and not only that, subtitles for different languages can also be inserted according to the permission of the uploader.

For example, if a person knows Chinese and prefers to watch a Hollywood movie with Chinese subtitles, this can be made possible if there are no restrictions present.


·        Subscription Feeds

This feed will help the creator of the channel to analyze who is watching your content and which video is attracting more users to your channel. With the upgraded subscription feeds, it will be very quick and easy when you have to refresh the YouTube app on your Smartphone. 


·        Notification Option

Billions of unique contents are present on YouTube and it can be a fact that you will prefer to get notified by a specific YouTuber every time they upload the latest video.

With the invention of new notification bell option, you can get notified through your Smartphone or e-mail. It will be just like a text message, but you must have an internet connection to use this feature. 


·        Upgraded Comment Section

Different people have their own perceptions and who knows, a debate can occur at any time out of the blue for a certain topic. Any people can comment according to their wish, but there comes a time where trash comments flood the overall comment section.

This ruins the beauty of a certain topic and the mood of any user views it. Luckily, the latest system tracks are designed to trace the trash comments and bring them down to clear up the mess for everyone.


·        Website Linking

Normally, people can include some other links of the website in the comment or the description sections for the users. But now, with the latest feature, the makers can include the same links in the video player without any problem. 


·        Educational Institution

Users from any country can sign in to get free classes from different institutions about any subject of their choice if it is made available. Some of them are free while some might cost a certain amount of money depending on the declaration of the institution.

With the YouTube creator academy, you will get various lessons on specific topics which are completely free. You will be learning stuff like content strategy, channel optimization and lots of other knowledgeable lessons.


·        Channel Promotion

Promotion of your channel can happen if a user likes, comments or shares your videos. It can also be done if your channel is featured with other users channel like the one happens when two YouTubers collaborates.

In this way, both of them can promote their contents and attract multiple users. This can turn out to be a win-win situation for both parties in the long run.


·        Live Events

You can do the live events through YouTube if you have a verified channel. With this latest feature, you can share live videos in a very professional way. That will surely make you popular if you provide beneficial content for the people.

Along with that, you will get the chance to set your cameras in any angle and choose your own encoder. This encoder is mainly an application that takes your generated content and converts it into a digital form that can be streamed easily on YouTube.

There is also live video streaming software (Wirecast) for YouTube and you can customize it in any way of your preference if you have the basic knowledge about it.


·        360 Degree Video

360-degree video is now the latest trend running around the world. Hikers or different sportsmen wear a GoPro camera and moves to different locations. As a result, users can easily go to the video and observe everything that is happening in a specific spot in a 360-degree form.

They can observe what is going on in the forward and backward direction if they want to check the motion and other views. Thus, if they prefer to look into the sky or the ground, they can easily switch to an upward or downward direction. These features can also be availed with the help of drone shots.


Tips for Your Kids’ Privacy

As you know, YouTube is filled with videos with different contents. It will be challenging for you to keep track of what kind of videos your beloved kids are watching daily.

Thanks to the privacy protection system of YouTube, you will be able to adjust some settings beforehand and let your kids out from any kind of virtual harm. Here are some of the tips that you can follow.


·        Turn off YouTube Comments

The best thing about YouTube is that it gives you the power to turn off the comments if you don’t prefer to make it visible. Before it gets posted, you can even check the comments and give your green signal.


·        Adjust Privacy and Security Settings

Any kind of user whether young or old can easily upload their desired videos and it will be set to public by YouTube unless you adjust some privacy and security settings. If you have kids, this becomes highly necessary for their well being.

According to the age of your child, you should customize the settings based on the type of video they are going to view as well as upload. Videos can be switched to private modes if necessary. However, you won’t be able to find it if it is directly linked.

On the other hand, if you prefer to show your contents, invite people to use Google Circles, but you have to ensure that your channel must be directly linked to Google+.


·        Configure Parental Control Mode

Parents should always include parental control settings on YouTube in order to restrict their kids from viewing unwanted videos. They can do this by:

1.     Clicking on the lock icon of the page and you can find in the bottom corner section

2.     Then a mathematics test will appear and you have to solve it. After it is done, you have to enter an appeared number on the screen and then you will get the instructions to enter your desired password

3.     Finally, select the settings and do your configuration.


·        Enable the Safety Mode

YouTube has a built-in safety mode feature, but it can only be enabled manually. This feature will restrict any kind of adult content that you might not prefer the time you view the website.

The mode will filter all the age-restricted videos and you will feel a sense of relief from the fact that it will never be on your web searches, playlist or even the time you are looking to watch some decent movies. Overall, it is a safe pick to enable this setting.


Payment Plans

If you search the website, you will find loads of companies selling YouTube accounts at different price ranges. To make your work easier, a payment plan is created to provide you with the overall scenario. You have to spend based on your plan to get your desired number of accounts. Check it out.


·        Bronze

You have to spend a maximum of $40 to have this payment plan. When you have completed the ordering process, 50 YouTube accounts will be delivered to you instantly. For your benefit, all the accounts are double verified before the company will hand it over to you.

If you face any kind of problem, there is a 3-day replacement guarantee and don’t worry, if you are still not satisfied with the overall service, you will get your money back.


·        Silver

The cost of this plan is a bit higher than the previous one. You need to spend around $70 to $75 and you will get 100 YouTube accounts (double verified). The delivery will also be instant and services like replacement and a money back-guarantee are also present.


·        Gold

Pay $130 and you can be the owner of the gold payment plan. Around 200 double verified accounts will be delivered after the payment. Most of the time, the company prefers to use it because they find it helpful to promote their products and services among the followers around the world. Other than that, you will get  similar services like the previous plans.


·        Platinum

The price range is quite broad and it starts from $250 to $330. As you can see, the cost is also higher and this makes it the most expensive out of the other three plans. The number of accounts you will get will also be gigantic and it is around 500.

Each one of them will be double verified precisely and then it will be delivered to you as soon as possible. There will also be the 3 days replacement and money-back guarantee service.

However, it is better that you also look into the old accounts and get some idea about their price ranges. Although the plans are quite older (monthly or yearly), the performance of the account will be the same as the newer ones.

Also, the older ones are more authentic than the newer ones because it has already been used. Have a look at the payment plans.


1.     For 5 channels

These channels are basically 3 to 6 months old and you need to pay around $25 to $30 to get the plan. You must have a verified phone number along with a Gmail or Yahoo or some other verified mail accounts.

Like the new plans, you will get the same 3 days replacement service in case any problem arises from your aside. Also, there is a money-back guarantee service to the overall package.

2.     For 25 channels

The age of these channels are also the same, but the price is a bit higher. You have to pay $42 to $60 and this higher cost is due to a large number of accounts. Other than that, the same services as the previous ones are also present.

3.     For 50 channels

You have to pay twice the money than the previous payment plans and it is around $70 to $149. The price varies from company to company, but it is guaranteed that you will surely get other benefits like replacement and money-back guarantee.

4.     For 5 channels (7 to 11 months old)

These are quite older but you won’t have any problem with its authenticity. The cost will be $29 to $35 and it will also come with the other similar services.

5.     For 25 channels (7 to 11 months old)

$65 to $99 will be the probable price range for this plan. You will also get the chance to utilize other identical services.

6.     For 5 channels (2 to 3 years old)

The cost will be around $35 to $38. Yes, it is quite old but that won’t be a problem. It has been used by many users and is still in use. So, you can easily get that if it fits with your requirement.

7.     For 25 channels (2 to 3 years old)

This one is a little expensive and will cost you $80 to $119. Same kinds of services are included in this plan.

8.     For 50 channels (2 to 3 years old)

Among all the old channels, this is the most costly one. Pay $140 to $199 and you can be the owner of this authentic YouTube channel. Packages of replacement and money-back guarantee services are also included.


Business Benefits

Like other social websites, YouTube possesses enormous strength in spreading different content at a very fast pace. In this generation, it takes only a couple of seconds to deliver information globally through the help of the internet.

In the case of business, YouTube can turn out to be a big advantage for all the people who are looking for a way to promote and sell their products or services. Not only that, the advertisement process is very affordable and it requires a minimum amount of physical effort.

If a startup business can work strategically according to the needs of customers, the growth and establishment will surely be achieved at some point. Below, you will find some business benefits that you can gain through the YouTube channel.


·        Smooth Link to Social Media

Not only in YouTube channel, but you can share the same content via social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. If you have some professional content, you can also share it to Linkedin. This whole process will help you to market your business in a very broader way. Linking to other social sites is a very powerful and clever business approach.


·        Trouble-Free Redesigning

You don’t have to invest money or energy when you have to redesign your business according to the demand of the customer. With the help of the YouTube channel, you can easily restyle your content advertising to reach millions of users and win their hearts.


·        Always Makes its Presence on the First Page of Google

Google can give answers to any kind of question that can run in your mind. The benefit of YouTube is that its videos always come to the first page of Google when a user searches for a particular stuff of their preference. If someone searches a product that is related to your business, they can easily go to your channel with the help of Google.

Basically, YouTube videos always take the top 3 spot of any Google searches which shows that it takes the video as very important content. As a result, you can use this as an opportunity by doing proper researches in advance.


·        Can Easily Draw Attention

YouTube have over billions of clients and the amounts are increasing on a daily basis enormously. Day by day, viewers are increasing in an unimaginable extent and you can use this as an opportunity to grow your business. You can easily do business promotions that can reach to the users virtually.

Whether they are at their desktop or Smartphone, your advertisement will surely be visible to them. You can also do it for worldwide purpose and create some valuable networks that you have never imagined. So, drawing the attention of the users is quite easy if you can tactfully do your marketing.



Always buy authentic accounts from a legal company. Make sure you clear out all the queries that you might have while choosing a firm. Use YouTube channel in a smart way all the time.

Have a good day!