Buy Twitter Accounts

Buy Twitter Accounts

Twitter is considered as one of the top platforms to advertise your products or services. If you already had an account, it is pretty much predictable that you are not generating that much of a profit.

The reason is that you won’t get the opportunity to promote in a huge amount by using only a single account. You must need bulk Twitter accounts to level up your business in a successful way.

If you are satisfied with a single account, good for you! Unfortunately, in the long run, it won’t be beneficial for your business growth. It is guaranteed that you will get the maximum profit by using more than one account and this statement is also backed up by many businessmen.  

Following the article, you will get different kinds of information about buying Twitter accounts. Read it thoroughly so that you can get a good grip on the overall scenario. Check it out.


What is Twitter?

Twitter is a very powerful social site that gives a tough competition to Facebook, Snapchat, and many others. The majority of the users are real and a quarter of them regularly tweets or shares different kinds of posts. You will be able to see the latest news and other trends and keep yourself updated throughout the day.

Nowadays, people prefer Twitter over the newspaper and this is turning out to be a surprising fact by lots of people. People around the world can raise an issue and can share their opinions with the whole world. These tactics can play a striking role in attracting worldwide attention.

If you talk about celebrities and other powerful individuals, they love using it regularly. You can see their posts, understand their perceptions and even comment on their Tweets. Who knows, they might even reply on one of your comments and this can make you famous out of the blue.

Accordingly, different businessmen and other markets use this social site as an advantage when they have to promote their products or other services. They don’t need to print leaflets and hand it out to customers in different occasions. This virtual platform had created a pathway where they can save money and time with ease.

Some users who prefer to sell their accounts to various organizations and this turns out to be a win-win situation for both parties. Each account is created with a unique IP (Internet Protocol) address, profile picture, and cover photo. This is done to ensure that no kind of suspension can occur in the future.

So, to get the best one, you should check its quality along with the proxy. This procedure will help you to cut out any kind of uncertainties that might occur at any time.


Benefits of Twitter from Other Social Sites

Yes, Twitter is also a beneficial account that should be taken seriously by all users. The amount of content that it can spread virally through the internet is enormous and unimaginable. The huge number of followers and users are the main proof of its popularity.

Anyone from young to old people can easily use it and it won’t take that much of a time to get used to it. Below, you will find out some key points that set Twitter an identical platform from other social sites in a positive way. Check out the discussion.


·        Enhancing Knowledge

If you are interested in a specific topic, you can easily enhance that area with the help of Twitter. Not only that, people who are looking to buy products can easily go to different business pages and explore very well.

They can even check the reviews of different customers to understand their perception and can decide whether the products will be a suitable choice for them or not.


·        Finding out Updated Contents

There can be a situation where you are completely unaware of some contents, and Twitter made it possible to reveal that information to you. You can even share your knowledge with your loved ones and help everyone around you to stay updated all the time.


·        Updated Information

Every single day the account is updated with the latest news and other trendy stuff. If you are interested in politics or technological devices, you should use it regularly. Likewise, customers can connect themselves with regular worldwide events, trades, and other global news.


·        Lead Generation

One of the important strategies for marketing is to lead the generation. It becomes necessary when you have to run campaigns through advertisements and other promotions. Twitter gives you the opportunity to generate lead and do other marketing stuff by accumulating emails.


·        Marketing in Video Format

Seeing a review of a product in a video format is very helpful and beneficial for lots of people. The main advantage of Twitter in these criteria is that it lets you upload videos in high quality which can be easily visible on desktop or in Smartphones. You will also be able to observe other worldwide issues that were recorded and made viral instantly.


·        Ease of Communication

You can easily do your business marketing and can communicate with the customers. The customers can also message another customer to gain some authentic feedback. This upgraded communication process makes Twitter a very good choice for both the businessmen and the customer.


·        Easy to Follow

People can easily follow any page and can stay in touch with their upcoming events and different offers. If you prefer to start your own business, you can research the established ones and develop your knowledge with time. It is now becoming a trend for lots of young entrepreneurs.


Types of Twitter Accounts

There are basically two types of Twitter accounts, New and PVA (Phone Verified Accounts). Brief elaborations are provided below.


1.     New Twitter Accounts

These accounts are fresh and genuine and are verified by using e-mail. It will come with a unique IP address and confidential passwords to avoid any kind of hacking. You will also get other supporting things after you are done with providing your personal information.

You can give it a try by logging out first and then logging it to check whether the privacy protections are performing efficiently or not. As most of the businesses and other trending stuff are done with Twitter accounts, its safety concern becomes the priority for every user.

Therefore, Twitter has successfully managed to live up to the expectation of people around the world. You can use it for various promotional activities, gathering of followers and even for paid tweets.

It comes with different payment packages and you can easily get it at a very decent price. Some companies also prefer to sell at lucrative offers in different events.


2.     Phone Verified Twitter Accounts (PVA)

This account is the safest from the previous one. You should buy this account if you are looking to protect it from any kind of powerful hackers.

The area unit will be registered manually and it will be verified through SMS. Before you get that, you must insert different required information for security purposes.

For business expansion and establishment, this account is the one that you should go for. You will get this at an affordable price range and it will vary among companies. Buy bulk Twitter accounts according to your budget. You can also include some of your known people to buy with you so that all of you can reap the rewards out from it.

Besides, do some proper researches before you choose a company. If possible, consult with a professional because you would never want your investment to go to waste, right!


Payment Plans

Companies sell Twitter accounts at different price ranges. To get some basic ideas about it, a payment plan is written in a very easy format for you. You will find the payment structure of new and old accounts. Let’s get started.


·        Bronze

You have to spend only $25 to get this payment plan. After you are done with placing the order, you will receive 50 Twitter accounts with a fast delivery service. You must have a phone number that is verified and a running Gmail or Yahoo mail accounts.

If you face any kind of problem, don’t worry, there is a 5-day replacement guarantee service. Not only that, you will have the chance to get your money back if you are not satisfied with the overall services at all.


·        Silver

Pay a minimum of $45 and you are all set for the silver payment plan. You will also get double Twitter accounts than the previous plan. The delivery will be instantaneous. Other kinds of services like replacement and a money-back guarantee are completely the same.


·        Gold

The name says it all; this plan is quite famous among large organizations. The price is a bit higher and it is around $90 to $100 maximum. The accounts that you will receive will be 200 and you will get the opportunity to expand and grow your business in a very strategic way.

If a problem appears out of the blue, unfortunately, you will get the 5 days replacement guarantee service. There is also a money-back guarantee present if you are feeling that the account is not matching up with your expectations.


·        Platinum

This plan is expensive out of all other plans (mentioned above). It will cost you around $245 to $280 and you will be the proud owner of 500 Twitter accounts. If you are in a hurry, it won’t be a problem at all because the delivery will be quick. You will also be presented with other similar services like the previous plans.

You can buy old Twitter accounts if you are not interested in the new ones. Normally, people think old stuff is quite weak and won’t be up to the mark but in this case, the accounts will work perfectly as the new ones. These are completely verified and not illegal. Check out the payment plans.


1.     For 5 accounts

These accounts are 3 to 6 months old and you have to pay $25 to $29 to get the plan. Luckily, you will be able to avail of the 3 to 5 days replacement service and if you are not feeling comfortable with this old account, you can have your money back without any problem.


2.     For 25 accounts

These are also 3 to 6 months old and will cost you around $40 to $50. Other services are similar.


3.     For 50 accounts:

The price varies in different companies. Some sell at $65 while some do it for $80. The price range might be different but services like replacement and money-back guarantee will definitely be present.


4.     For 5 accounts (7 to 11 months old)

These are quite old than the 3 to 6 months Twitter accounts. The older ones are quite genuine and work smoothly in every case. To get this account, you should pay $29 to $35 and you are good to go. Other kinds of benefits are the same.


5.     For 25 accounts (7 to 11 months old)

The price range is around $55 to $70. Replacement and money-back guarantee services are also there.


6.     For 5 accounts (2 to 3 years old)

$35 to $38 is the price range for this payment plan. The age might a bit old, but you will surely get other services like the previous plans.


7.     For 25 accounts (2 to 3 years old)

This one is a little expensive and will cost $80 to $99. Similar services are present in this plan as well.


8.     For 50 accounts (2 to 3 years old)

In the category of all the old accounts, this plan is the most expensive one. You must have high budgets to be the owner of this plan. Pay around $145 to $199 and you can have it. It is a complete package of replacement and money-back guarantee services.


Strategic Tips

Before you start ordering your Twitter accounts, you should consider some pros and cons beforehand. There are different price ranges for accounts with a huge number of followers and you can buy it in bulk amount. If you have multiple accounts, you will easily be able to expand and flourish in your business.

There won’t be any hacking issue because each account has its own login information along with a unique IP (Internet Protocol) address. Nevertheless, there are some strategic tips that you should consider before you buy Twitter accounts.


·        Check for Any Kind of Fraud Seller

As you are going to buy bulk accounts, it is your responsibility to check whether you are buying it from an authentic company or not. If they are not genuine, they will definitely provide you with fake accounts which can turn out to be a problem at some time for you.

For business purposes, if this happens, the sales will go down to zero. Hence, check the verification of the company as well as the account to avoid this fraud case.


·        Make Sure All Your Twitter Accounts are Authentic

Before you make the payment, check all the accounts’ authenticity. There are some sites present on the internet that will be able to verify the accounts and you should definitely go for that. If necessary, take additional help from a professional. After that, place your order when you are fully satisfied with all the accounts.


·        Do the Activity Test

Tell the seller to start an activity test of the Twitter accounts that you are going to buy. The majority of them prefer to boost all of their tasks through Hoot or Deck (Social Media Marketing strategy). So, buy the accounts that are not boosted or else you will have to go through some uncertain troubles in the future.


·        Verify the Owner of the Account

You must know the original owner of the account. Otherwise, you will have a hard time solving any kind of technical issues that might arise. Consult with the digital agency whether they are the owner or not. If they say ‘yes’, you can directly sort out your problems; and if it is a ‘no’, you should extract information from them regarding the actual owner.


·        Buy Accounts According to Your Requirements

There are different types of accounts from new to PVA. Buy the one that fits with your criteria and will match perfectly with your business marketing or other service-related stuff. To gain information about your requirements, you should do some in-depth research in advance and be prepared when you are all set to buy Twitter accounts.


·        Paypal Users’ Safety Measure

If you are a user of PayPal and you got ripped off by fraud while buying Twitter accounts, don’t panic! You can flip the situation if you can channel your focus in the right direction.

As the fraud sellers are not protected by the government, you can easily file a claim without any hesitation. This step will surely provide you the pathway to get your refund.


Business Benefits

The first thing that a customer will notice in any account is that whether it is user-friendly or not. To maintain the attraction of customers, different people prefer to buy already existed Twitter accounts with a large number of followers. If the standard of the account can be maintained professionally, the business profit and growth will hit the home run.

Likewise, if you look below, you will find various business benefits and you should go through all of them as this will definitely clear out any of your inner questions.


·        Easy Communication Process

Every customer or follower can communicate with the people that do the promotional stuff virtually. Along with that, the company can also apply a unique approach by reviewing their products according to the demand of the customer.


·        Develop a Unique Personality

Twitter easily creates a platform for a company to create its own unique personality and successfully establish their brand name. After they bought the Twitter accounts, they can make a visual representation to the followers in a virtual way about their products and other services, and this can make them stand out from other competitors.


·        Increase of Sale Leads

A company can give different lucrative offers to its followers during the time they promote a certain product or service. They can do this by tweeting them and this whole process can work efficiently in increasing the sales leads.

If they can understand the point of view of the customers, they can publish unique promotions in a way that will surely create a buzz among people.


·        Good Maintenance of the Business Quality

Maintaining the quality of a particular business is highly dependent on the kind of feedback that you will receive from the customers. In the case of Twitter, the outcome is the same.

To make sure everything goes well in terms of business and customer satisfaction, a company can keep track of all the reviews and comments of their respective followers. After that, they can use this kind of feedback to improve their advertisement standard and other business-related things.


·        Can Upgrade Advertisement Approach

A company should always remain vigilant about its competitors and must research or follow all their tweets. In this way, they can keep track of all the updates and can upgrade their advertisement approach along with other promotional campaigns.

Doing this will help them in working on their flaws in a very effective way and can give them a good competitive advantage over others.


·        Easily Approachable Customer Service

A user or a follower doesn’t have to go physically to solve their queries about a certain product or service. They can clear it out by simply communicating with the customer service of the company through their own Twitter accounts.

If they get faster responses and are satisfied with the solution, this will definitely increase the follower of that particular company. Overall, this will turn out to be a profitable strategy.



Go through this article a couple of times or else you will have a hard time buying Twitter accounts from the right company.

Consult with an experienced user if necessary as well.

Best of luck!