Buy Gmail Accounts

Buy Gmail Accounts

In the present world, networking has become a part and parcel in an individual’s life. In that sense, social media is the best example of connections and communication. It is also helpful in promoting a business because most of the people across the world are using social media on a daily basis.

This is also a great platform for meeting new people. Hence, it connects society.

Likewise, Gmail is one of the famous social media platforms in today’s context. It is also a matter of fact that people prefer and find it trendy to have a personal social account. It also offers personal accounts to users. 

In our today’s article, we will discuss “Gmail” and other related topics of it. We will also give you an incentive for why you should have a personal Gmail account. So, without any further ado, let’s get into the topic. Stay tuned!


What is Gmail?

Gmail is known as the oldest social media platform that still has popularity. This platform was mainly developed to send texts, media files, doc files, etc. You can also get access to other social media using your Gmail account. This thing enables all kinds of facilities on the internet.

Most people tend to leave any social media platform when they get old or replaced by the latest ones, but when it comes to Gmail, people still have the enthusiasm of using it worldwide.

A personal Gmail account helps the owner of a company to control all the administrative and typical work of the organization and provides facilities toward the workers as well. It ensures safety and a well-organized network for the business overall.

Gmail also enables you to write emails anytime and anywhere you want even if you are not online. You can easily read or draft your message offline and when you are online can send the message without any hassle.

This platform promises you a relentless working experience without any interruption. See, that is the reason business corporations tend to install Gmail accounts in their office. 


Why Do You Need a Gmail Account?

A Gmail account can play various roles in your internet voyage. You can get access to many perks if you only get one account in the first place. We have done our research carefully and found some of the key features that you will find useful while using the internet.

So, “Why do you need a Gmail account?” In answering this question, we are mentioning the reasons behind the need.


·        Google Play

This platform only works for Google Account users. From this place, you can download apps, games, music, books, etc. Google Play app store is also available for people not owning a google account. For this, they have to pay for content that is free for a Google user.


·        Google Maps

A navigation kit on a smartphone or a laptop is very important for a traveler or some random person who is not good with directions. Google has come up with its “Google Maps” that is considered as the best navigation tool nowadays. Most of the areas around the world including major cities have been successfully covered by the google team. 

This feature helps you to find or search for a position by text or voice command. You can also get traffic information, estimated arrival time, and search for additional stops in your route. Google Maps will also suggest the means of transportation for commuting by providing different time duration for each and every medium. 


·        Data Synchronization

One of the major key-features of a Gmail account is that it gives you to get access to your data via any device you possess that is connected to the Google account. You can use both your pc and smartphone at once to get your work done. This feature will allow you more to:

  • Browse, preview or upload files to your Google account
  • Download contents from your google account or drive
  • Restore data by signing up into the Gmail account after any resetting the device

A Google account will make your journey into the web easier and better. It enables you to reach anywhere at any time. Your day starts with opening your phone and ends with pressing the lock button of the phone setting an alarm. Google account acts as a professional assistant overall.

People are driven by clear incentives, you know that very well. Given all the information and features above, we think you are clever enough to choose to have a Gmail account at this very moment. Stay tuned with us because more interesting things are coming for you.


What is PVA Accounts?

The term PVA stands for Phone Verified Account. This is also a paid and owned account that is uniquely verified with a phone number and a unique IP address. A PVA account allows you to have access to all the features of a platform. It is always recommended to buy these accounts. 

Like all other platforms that allow having a PVA account, Gmail also allows the same. You can buy fresh or old PVA accounts from any reliable source. Bulk PVA accounts for sale are available in stores. You can actually get benefitted from this offer because you will be getting a huge number of email accounts at a once.

In the USA, most of the providers will ensure your PVA accounts with some regular features and quality. The qualities of PVA accounts are described below:

  • All IDs have national IPs
  • All IDs have phone verification without any country lock
  • Have a unique phone number
  • Fresh ID

We highly recommend the old Gmail accounts that are of high quality. The old Gmail accounts can be best used for mail sending and receiving. Thus, only Old Gmail accounts are eligible for Google Map listing and reviews. These accounts are so secure and trustworthy because they are running for a long period of time.


How Can You Choose a Gmail Account?

Before selecting your preferable Gmail account, you should know about the types of Gmail account. In answer to that question, there are two types of accounts- a Regular and a Pin Verified account. A regular Gmail account is for your daily basis use. But if you are looking for a more secure domain, pin verified personal account should be your prime choice. 

Let’s say, you prefer availability and less cost. Then you should go for regular accounts because Pin verified accounts cost much than the regular ones. If you choose to have a pin verified account, you will be getting your very own IP address along with a unique phone number and a personal email address. This account is the most suitable for business purposes.

Now that you are well informed about the types of Gmail accounts, you can easily analyze and choose your preferable account as per your consideration and need. 


Cost of Getting a Gmail Account

In a sense, you can own a Gmail account free of cost. You just need to follow the instructions we have mentioned above. We have also mentioned the benefits of having a paid account. The paid account doesn’t cost much. These accounts start from USD 5 per month only.

It is totally affordable. A paid Gmail account makes your job easier and serves you with the premium package it offers. 


Steps of Creating a Gmail Account

Whether you are looking for the free version of a Gmail account or the paid one, you need to know about how to create an account first for yourself. You can use both your computer and your smartphone for this purpose. Even though both of the methods are quite similar, there are still some differences. 

Well, we will be looking into both of the methods to make everything clear for you. 


·        Desktop Version 

Let’s look at the desktop method at first. 

·        Go to the Gmail Website

At first, open the account creation website of Gmail. The page will also contain information regarding Gmail, and will have multiple options such as ‘create an account’ or ‘sign up’. 

·        Click ‘create an account’ 

Once you come across this option, simply click it to create an account. After you do so, you will notice that you have entered another page, which is asking for your information. Kindly enter all the necessary information for the account creation. We will be providing more details in the next steps. 

·        Enter your name

In that sector, you will notice that there are two boxes. One asking for your first name, and other for your last name. Input your names according to the titles of the boxes and if you want to add a nickname, you can do so after typing your last name in. 

·        Create a username

Normally, after you have typed in your name, Gmail offers a few available usernames that match your name. However, if you don’t seem to like the suggestions, you can create a username on your own. 

·        Enter the password twice and click next

The next part is to enter a password. You should make sure it is strong enough to keep your mail secure at all times. Enter your password again, to confirm it. 

·        Add recovery options

It is only normal for you to forget the password or the username itself at times. In case you haven’t written that information down anywhere, you will be needing recovery options. 

The first option is your phone number. When you have forgotten your password, you will get a message on your phone, which will allow you to set a new password. The second option is adding another email. It pretty much works similarly, but the former option is more preferred because a lot of people don’t have other emails. 

·        Add other details and click next

There are some other details that you will need to add. For instance, you need to add your date of birth and your gender. Both of this information will strengthen your account and will make finding you a lot easier on Gmail. Hence, it’s compulsory to input them. 

·        Verify your added phone number

Once you have gone through all these steps, the website will send a verification text to your phone number. This text will include a pin, which you will have to input in the account creation website to verify your number. 

·        Agree to the terms and conditions

The last step is to click ‘agree’ on the terms and conditions. Once you do that, your account will be created, and you will be able to use it from then on. 


·        Mobile Version

Now, let’s discuss about opening the account through a smartphone.

1.     Download the Gmail App

Whether you are an android or an Apple user, Gmail has specified apps for both. So, your first priority is to download and install the app on your smartphone before you create an account. However, the process can be followed by using a website on your phone as well. 

2.     Choose to sign in

After you open up the app, you will have two options in front of you. One is to log in, and another is to sign in. Once you choose to sign in, you will be provided with a few more options. 

3.     Click on more options and create account

One of those options would be to create an account. Tap on it, and then you will come across a page that will require you to input your information. The information needed is the same as the desktop version, however, the sequence and a few other things are slightly different. 

4.     Enter your name and date of birth

Just like the desktop version, you will need to input your first and last name separately. However, unlike the desktop version, you will have to input your date of birth right after, instead of waiting for the username. 

5.     Create a username and password

Similarly, you will be given a few suggestions for the username. You can choose one among those, or create one following your preference. Just do make sure that the username isn’t already taken, so it must be unique. 

After you are done with that, enter the password twice. Make sure it is strong and has low chances of getting cracked. Confirm it, but do write it down before finishing the process, in case you don’t forget the password. 

6.     Add and verify your phone number 

Afterward, add your current phone number. Once you confirm it, you will be sent a message containing a pin code. Input the pin code to verify your phone number. You can also verify it later as you will be sent emails about this if you don’t do it in the first go. 

7.     Agree to the terms and conditions, then click next

Finally, agree to the terms and conditions provided at the end of the page. Once you have done that, click next. Your account will be created right then, and you will be able to use it without any further hassle whatsoever. 


From where can I Buy a Gmail Account?

The most secure place is to go to the official website of Gmail and sign up there. If you want to buy a Gmail account, all the procedures are given. But you can’t buy a used account from the official site. For this, you have to search for some reputed sites that deal with the used up accounts.

There are some reputed sites on the internet that help in buying both aged and fresh Gmail accounts. These online stores will confirm your order and will start to make your custom email right after you confirm your order with the necessary information. Make sure your service provider is professional and has a 5-star rating on its website. 


Difference between Free and Paid Version of Gmail Accounts

Of course, while you can get the services of a Gmail account for free, you might wonder why you should buy one. Paid versions of anything are more beneficial and have a lot more features to provide. And, Gmail is no different. 

If you find the free version to be convenient, you are absolutely going to love the paid one. However, we will be elaborating on the differences between the paid and free versions of Gmail. The parameters given below create the main difference that makes the paid version even better.


·        99.9% Guaranteed Uptime

Your Gmail account will give you 24/7 hours of services without any inconvenience. The minimum and a probable maintenance issue have been recorded as nine hours in a whole year. This surely makes a google account more reliable than others.


·        Set Custom Email Address

You may notice that most of the people use their email address as This is because most of us are using the free version while reputed persons and business farms are using It looks as if you really own it and sort of professional. It is only possible when you pay 5 dollars a month after the subscription.


·        Better Storage Capacity

If you are using the free version, you will only get 15GB of drive space for all of your documents, emails, and other files. But when you get the paid version, guess what? You will get twice the storage capacity! Yes, you will be getting 30GB unlimited storage for a month.


·        Around the Month Service

In case you are a free client, try to remember that if any kind of inconvenience occurs, you simply can’t call the help center to give you any feedback. However, a paid user can call the help center anytime for any kind of help. 


·        Sync to Microsoft Outlook

Nowadays, Microsoft outlook is one of the popular email clients. You can sync your Google Account to Microsoft Outlook if you are a paid version user. This will eventually enable you to sync calendar, contacts, emails, and weather forecasts.


·        No Advertisements

When we are using any browser, it is very apparent that some extra tabs of advertisement suddenly pops up and creates a hindrance to smooth browsing. If you are signed up with Google Account in any browser and if it is a free version, you will find the advertisements are coming up every now and then.

The answer to this problem is very simple. Just get a paid version, okay?


How to Set Up a Gmail Account for Your Team

If you want to use your business or company name or address with Gmail, there are some steps that you should follow. You can easily do it when you are done with signing up for G-Suite and verify your domain ownership. Read the following instructions carefully:


1.     Sign in to Google Admin console

The very first thing you have to do is turn on your Gmail service.

2.     Make user accounts

You have to make sure that all users in your company or organization must need their own G-Suit account.

3.     Redirect domain’s records to Google servers

Make sure all your mail flow to the Google server and for that, you have to redirect your domain’s records.

4.     Authorize your senders

To authorize your senders, you can add SPF records to the DNS setting. Hence, you won’t be getting any kind of unwanted emails from the spammers. It will also make sure that your authorized message isn’t taken as spam by others.

5.     Add other domain names

In case you own multiple domains, you can easily add them to your Google account.

6.     Customize your web address

You can set up your own Gmail web address. Just go to and here you go!

7.     Turn on the Gmail features

Finally, you can turn on the business options (Gmail features) to the consumers.


Benefits of Having a Gmail Account

We have mentioned earlier that a Gmail account is considered the best when it comes to running a business or an organization. Below we will mention some other benefits that you may not know until now. So, without any further ado, let’s get into it!


·        Easy Access to everywhere

You will be able to run your business and other work through instant emails anytime anywhere though sometimes there are some difficulties arise when accessing email in server-based email client programs. 


·        Huge storage capacity

This is one of the eye-catching features that a Gmail account usually offers. Yes, the cloud storing capacity. You will be getting 25GB of storing capacity which enables you to store a huge number of emails or documents. You can easily manage your emails because the mechanism is so easy that even a 10 years old child can operate it.


·        Video Conferencing

A Gmail account grants you access to their affiliated platform “Hangout Meet” that is used for video conferencing and video chatting. You can also chat with your friends and colleagues using this platform.


·        Helps in storing instant messages

Gmail offers a great helping hand towards people with one of the integrated features like IM (instant message) storing. This will help you to keep in touch with your close ones or your work associates.

As you can store your message, you can also use them for future use in case you don’t remember any sort of information that had been provided in the message. 


·        Optimum search engine with easy organizing

You may know quite well that Google is the largest search engine in this word. Actually, it is Google which took initiative to launch Gmail. So, it should be apparent that Gmail has a great search engine and you can always find your emails or documents using search filters.

Accordingly, it has great features that help you in organizing your message and other doc files. You can easily add Hotmail and Yahoo accounts into your own Gmail platform as well. The benefit? Well, you will now be able to control or organize all of your emails from these accounts through your Gmail account easily. 


·        Data Security

People always concerned about their personal information. Keeping that in mind, Gmail has developed a great security system that will protect all your necessary personal information over a secured encrypted connection.


·        It is cheaper and requires less manpower

One of the great sides of owning a Gmail account is that it requires zero maintenance. Therefore, no manpower is required. It also costs a low amount of money. You can always have your emails and other documents at any browser of your PC since all the emails and documents are kept in the cloud storage. 


Drawbacks of a Gmail Account

There are not any kind of major drawbacks in a Gmail account. Nevertheless, the fact is nothing is 100% efficient. Hence, there are some disadvantages that you will find in a Gmail account.

One of the disadvantages that you may find is that all the messages and texts including spam and trash use the internal data and Google will eventually limit the account.

Besides, a major drawback of a Gmail account is that it cannot keep track of the data when any inconvenience like internet connection going off occurs. You will also find that most of the time it takes a long time to compose the message and send it to the receiver. 

Furthermore, there is another disadvantage that you may find disturbing. Suppose, you want to send an attachment with your mail. But it becomes a matter of disturbance when you have to open a selection box each and every time you want to send the attachment. These were some of the drawbacks that a Gmail account has.


Alternative Storage Solution in a Gmail Account

Previously, we have got the idea that Google limits the storage capacity in an account. Google has also come up with a more productive solution on the other hand. Yes, we are talking about Google Drive. This platform enables the users to store files, pictures, videos, etc. in cloud storage and the users can view the sources online. 

Let’s say you want to install a desktop app on Google Drive, you can do it and that will help the pc files on the drive to synchronize with the cloud drive files. All you need to do is open a Google drive platform to sign up by visiting the official web page. And of course, it comes free of cost. 


Gmail vs. Hushmail

Some of you may not be introduced to Hushmail. It is also a social media platform where you can send ‘encrypted’ mail. Now, we have specifically mentioned “encrypted”. You may need to send some secret texts or attachment to someone so that only the receiver can understand it.

Hushmail has this unique feature of encoding the texts in an email. Gmail doesn’t have this encoding feature but it has a number of sectors where Hushmail lacks in. Let us explore the common features of both Gmail and Hushmail first.

  • Both platforms enable the user to add effects to text
  • Both of the services have a Preference section that helps to manage the account
  • The home page containing the inbox and sent folders are the same in both the services

We will describe both of their advantages below. That will make it clear for you which is better. So, here we go!


·        Advantages of Hushmail

The first noticeable feature of this platform is that you can send an encrypted message to other people. The process is so easy. Your receiver should have Hushmail signed up in his/her browser. Only then, the browser can decrypt the message and makes it easily readable. 

All of the other features that Hushmail contains are almost the same as Gmail. Actually, apart from text encryption, all other features are mostly generic in nature.


·        Advantage of Gmail

Gmail enables the user to upload files in the Google drive for data saving. It also makes a user to not only confined within the typical email sending but also communicate with other people using the built-in chatbox and other circle features.

Similarly, you can search the web (browse the internet) from within Gmail that will help you to do two tasks at a time. You can also make random or video calls to your friend residing at another side of the world at an instance through the Hangout feature in the Google account. 

Surely, we won’t say that Hushmail is better than Gmail nor will we advise you to select Husmail over Gmail. But you can give Husmail a try at least to discover something new. Hushmail has a free version just like Gmail and it shouldn’t be a hassle if you give this service a shot.


Frequently Asked Questions on Gmail Accounts

There are a lot of questions asked about the Gmail account. It is normal because people are interested to know things. We have collected some frequent questions that are being asked on different websites for getting clarification from the professionals. Let’s have a look at it.


Q. Can I have multiple email addresses using Gmail?

Definitely you can! If you have the original Gmail account, you can add up to thirty additional email addresses. If you don’t want to keep those extra addresses, it’s totally fine. All you need is to delete the additional address. Eventually, you won’t be receiving any extra emails every now and then.

Q. Is it possible to migrate any existing email?

When it comes to migrating your existing email, Google has some efficient migration tool that does the job quite well. You just need to follow some instructions and bingo!

Q. Does the Gmail account run more efficiently on Android?

Absolutely wrong notion. You do not need to switch to android for getting Gmail better. Recently, it has been found that the iOS app is more efficient and does all the things the same as the android app. You can choose iOS over the android version and it’s totally fine. 

Q. Does Gmail work just like other email services?

The actual answer varies, but Gmail will always have extra benefits from other platforms. Gmail is manufactured and powered by Google and works in a Google-ish way. This way, you get access to various features of Google. 

It enables you to send emails as well as attach files, photos, videos, or any kind of files. So, it is true that Gmail is not like other email services, but has some incredible features that make it better than others.

Q. What else comes with a Gmail Account?

If you are signed up for Gmail, you will get access to the whole G-suite. This is basically a suite of cloud apps developed by Google that includes Doc, Sheets, Drive, Calendar, Maps, and many more.

Don’t think that you have to spend extra bucks to get these facilities. Whether you are a paid or non-paid version client, you will get all these facilities for free. 

Q. Is it mandatory to use all the cloud apps?

Well, definitely not. It is not compulsory rather it’s up to you whether you will use them or not. You can also use other apps instead of using these cloud apps on your pc or mobile. We are saying this because you might like Microsoft Office more or prefer other software. The thing is, you will get access and can use it according to your wish. 

Q. Is Gmail Secure and Private?

When you are talking about security, know that Gmail is quite secure with its two-factor authentication. This way, your password is quite impossible to be figured out by someone. It is also possible to enable S/MIME protocols that help in encrypting your emails.

At the same time, you will be delighted to know that, all the data in Gmail is secured by Google itself. Your account won’t be sold out to the market keeping all your information. It is a fact that Google is an advertising company. The function has set up in such a way that it will give you ads according to your mails and search list.

No one can breach your privacy if you are signed up in Gmail. So, no need to fret regarding these two issues.

Q. What is new with the paid version of Gmail?

A Paid version of the Gmail Account is more suitable for professionals though everyone is recommended to have a paid version account. You will be getting 24/7 hours of service with a 99.9% guaranteed uptime. Storage capacity is much better in a paid version which is twice the free version.

Most importantly, you will be getting several additional email addresses for professional purposes as well as the cloud apps can get synced with Microsoft Outlook. 



In our today’s article, we have tried to cover every relatable information on Gmail Accounts. A Gmail Account is surely the best nowadays with its incredible features and better security tools. We won’t force you to shift to Gmail but considering the facts, it is highly recommended.

Folks, we hope you have enjoyed the whole article and got what you wanted. Thank you for sticking with us throughout the article. Adios!