Buy Facebook Accounts

Buy Facebook Accounts

When the name Facebook appears anywhere, you do know what it is right! It never needs any kind of introduction. From small kids to aged people, the name appears out of their mouth like it is their native language.

The main intention of this site is to create a bridge of communication between people throughout the whole world in a virtual form. But the surprising fact is that the site can also be used for business purposes. If you apply this strategy, it will be the most effective and efficient way to promote and expand your business.

Day by day, it is growing at a very fast pace because it is profiting many businessmen to a huge extent. Other than promoting, you can have a well-established business if you prefer to hold your ground for the long term.

Likewise, depending on your preference, you can use Facebook to promote unique advertisements for your products so that it can be easily visible and reachable to customers virtually. Not only that, if they have some queries, they can easily get the solution with the help of this marvelous account without leaving their own place.

However, when it comes to a business establishment, you must have authentic Facebook accounts to create your own customized business page or groups where you will be able to sell your various products. Without authenticity, your business might fall into jeopardy without you even knowing it.

This proves that you should always buy Facebook accounts by doing proper homework beforehand. You might have seen different search engines that look really vacant and lifeless. It definitely ruins your mood immediately the time you get to look at it.

Surprisingly, Facebook won’t let you go through that as you can customize your business page or group in any way you desire to make it attractive and lucrative. If you are looking for ways to enhance your business deals and other trades, you should go for buying multiple Facebook accounts.

To know more about it in a detailed manner, read the following article.


Facebook: What it is?

Facebook is a social media website that creates a platform for people where they can share their loving photos, videos, and even status onto their timeline. If someone says something in your post, you can also give it a comment and can also do the same thing in their case.

You can add or delete friends whenever you want and can maintain your privacy with ease. If you are going to visit someplace, you can give it a Check-in and let everyone know where you are and how you are doing. Not only that, you can review any of the business pages to let other customers know about your perception.

Accordingly, regular Facebook users will easily be able to use the latest features that are Facebook live video where you show the world anything from your personal to business life.

When people look for ways to spread their knowledge or other talents, they always choose Facebook as their first option. After buying the account, you can easily link any of your developed websites to your page or groups, and customers can easily analyze and compare all of your products according to their budget.

Organizations prefer to use it to highlight their services among different clients. Celebrities love updating their lifestyle among their fans and this website becomes a perfect source to help them out.

Overall, you have to apply two different kinds of strategies when you have to do marketing; create pages or groups, and you are all set to do your business.


Influence in Personal and Business Life

Facebook possesses both positive and negative influences in personal life. Some people think of it as a tool for distraction while others are quite optimistic about the website and support it in every manner. At the end of the day, it depends on the way you handle it and use it for your benefit.

In business life, the influences are endless. Below are some of the key aspects that mainly impact the business.

·        If you are marketing your products or other services, you can directly communicate with the customer virtually. Their interest and positive review towards your products will be a huge advantage for your business growth.

·        In order to expand your business, you have to boost your page. A single like by a user will make it viral among people and who knows you can get thousands of likes on your page within a day or two.

·        To find out flaws in your business, there is a customer review section and this highly influences your business life. If there is a negative review, this might display some negativity among other customers; but if you look it  positively, you can actually flip the situation by working on the mistakes.

·        One of the most powerful movements of web traffics straight towards your page can be achieved with a verified Facebook accounts. This won’t only give an eye-catching look on your page, but also your business will touch the sky if you are persistent and believe in customer satisfaction all the time.


Importance of Buying Facebook Accounts

Whether you are planning on doing a startup business or establish an existed one, you must buy Facebook accounts in all situations. Unfortunately, there are various fake profiles and due to that, you have to be very careful while choosing the right company.

Buying the fake ones will ruin your business reputation and this will add a huge amount of loss on your investment.

On the other hand, having multiple Facebook accounts in your possession will provide you the guideline to work on your reputation constantly and draw a large number of traffics onto your pages.

As already mentioned above, it is a great way to promote your business virtually and you don’t have to supply leaflets physically to customers for advertisement purposes. Hence, this will save both your time and money.

Finally, several businesses can provide good competition for you and beating them might be a challenge for you. In that sense, to gain some additional competitive advantage, you can buy a large number of Facebook accounts.

This will set you up in a unique way from others and might give you that strategic advantage that you were looking for a long time. You can also research your competitors along with their flaws and can apply a unique technique that will draw more customers towards you. Being smart and clever can help you out in beating the odds.


Types of Facebook Accounts

Normally, there are two types of Facebook accounts, Regular and Phone Verified. For those of you who want more in-depth information about it, check out the elaboration below.


1.     Regular Facebook Accounts

These are the basic and authentic accounts that come with a unique IP (Internet Protocol) address. You will also get a secret password that will be only known by you to prevent any kind of uncertain hacks.

Facebook login credentials and other informative stuff will be sent to you when you will provide all of your information along with your profile picture. When you are done with that, you can experiment with the security performance. Just log out first and then go for another login.

You will find out that the login is not that easy and smooth because you have to go through some security checks to enter successfully. This privacy maintenance increases the value of Regular Facebook accounts even more than normal among businessmen.

You can buy this type in different price ranges and the sellers prefer to sell this at a moderate and affordable rate.


2.     Phone Verified Facebook Accounts

These are considered as the safest form than the regular one. If you are paranoid about hacking and prefer to have the utmost security in your account, you should definitely go for this one.

To create it, you have to input different security information for privacy purposes. The system will want your personal information and other details as well as your profile picture. After that, you will get a verified account for your specific phone number.

These verified accounts are highly important for your business growth and you can buy this at a moderate price range according to your budget. With the upgrade of technology, people are diverting on buying this type of accounts in a bulk amount.

You can also apply a unique strategy by including some of your friends to buy along with you. Who knows, your business can get flourished because of this technique.

In the meantime, you should go through the website of different companies and check their packages. This will give you an idea about the kind of account that you are going to buy according to your plan.

You can also consult with the professional or the company’s customer care to clear out any kind of confusion. If some of your known people had also bought Facebook accounts, don’t forget to take the necessary advice from them.


Necessary Requirements to be Fulfilled

Before you are all set to buy Facebook accounts, just ensure that you follow all of these requirements to be on the safer side.


·        Cookie Enabled Accounts

This is a crucial requirement because, without the help of cookies, you will have a tough time growing your business. If you are a regular user of Facebook and have done some kind of business in the past, you are pretty much aware of its importance. Cookies are made so that customers can easily search for their desired products.

Suppose they have searched a branded watch from a specific Facebook page. With the cookie already enable into their account, it will show various pages that sell watches according to the users’ search. In this way, it will help both the customers and the company that does the business.


·        PVA Accounts

PVA (Phone Verified Accounts) are very helpful for your daily life because it is easily accessible with your Smartphone. Your account will be verified with your specific number and not only that, you can access different apps that can benefit you in unique ways.

If you don’t have a laptop or desktop with you in case of an emergency, you can simply rely on your phone and you are good to go. So, always check whether the accounts that you are going to buy are PVA supported or not.


·        Advertisement Supported Accounts

As you are going to do business, you should buy accounts that are flexible and compatible with your advertisement posts. After all, without any kind of posting, you won’t be able to expand and establish your business in the long run.

Therefore, before you buy, consult with the seller about the membership that you must get for this kind of advertisement-supported accounts. If they are not providing any of that, look for other companies.


·        Easy Login Accounts

The login is also an important aspect when you have to enter any kind of account. Nowadays, some strict rules are getting enabled by the login system to prevent any kind of hacking.

In your case, you should buy the one that is easily accessible and also secured. This will help in saving some of the time that you can use in some other important tasks like an advertisement or analyzing the performance of your running group and many more.


·        Time Limit of the Accounts

You will be given a certain time limit for your accounts as all of them will expire at some time period. If that happens and you are not aware of it, you might get banned. So to prevent this situation, you should always track the expiry date frequently.

A strategic way you can apply is to set a reminder onto your Smartphone and when the time will come, you will be notified automatically.


·        Accounts from Genuine and Verified Sources

Like your account authentication, you should buy it from a genuine source. There are various Facebook sellers flooded around the world and you should be careful from them because they do sell fake accounts and it is also considered illegal by the government.

If you are caught red-handed, you might be put into jail for a long time. So, better to go for a professional digital agency that is legal and safe for your business. You should do some research beforehand about the company’s reputation and then choose the perfect one that will suit your overall criteria.

Usually, buying and selling of accounts are illegal initiative and are not accepted by Facebook rules and regulations. But the genuine company will provide you the accounts that are created in a unique way which is not considered illegal. Be smart and make the right decision.


·        Location Customizable Accounts

With this type of accounts, you can easily change your location according to your wish at any time. As a result, the customer will always stay updated on your given location and this will set you apart from other competitors in a very positive way.  


·        Good Reviewed Accounts

Facebook page gets famous thorough the positive reviews of various customers. An anonymous person will first click onto your page, observe the products and immediately turn towards the review section.

With a positive review, this will enhance their perception towards your page and they might refer it to their known person. In this way, your products will be advertised through the help of the customers.

You can also add events that you are planning in the upcoming future for your valuable customers such as a discount offer or free products with a single purchase. These features can make your page a successful one if you can handle it properly.  


·        Large Number Liked Accounts

Like reviews, “likes” are a perfect indication to highlight your pages’ popularity among people. You can find some sellers that will give you accounts with thousands of likes. Some might be old while some are quite new. So, buy accounts that will pull your business towards success in a very fast way.


Payment Plans

Check out the payment plans for the new and updated accounts. The price normally varies among different companies so the ranges are given for your proper understanding.


·        Bronze

It will cost you $20 to $30 and you will get different benefits from this plan. 15 to 50 Facebook accounts you are going to have with quick delivery. You must have a verified phone number and a Gmail or Yahoo or some other mail accounts at the same time.

There is a 3 to 5 days replacement guarantee if you are stuck with some problem regarding your account. If you are still not satisfied with the overall service, you will get your money back by going through some critical processes.


·        Silver

Pay around $30 to $60 and you can be the owner of this plan. You will get twice the number of accounts than the previous plan. Other than that, you will get the same benefits as Bronze. The file format will be either Excel or Notepad.


·        Gold

The price is in the range of $70 to $100 for the Gold payment plan. The number of accounts you will get will be around 100 to 200 depending on the company. You will also get a 3 to 5 days replacement guarantee if a problem arises from your side and a money-back guarantee option if you are not happy at all.


·        Platinum

This plan is considered to be the most expensive one and it will cost you around $200 to $300. Depending on your quantity of accounts, the time limit of your delivery time will be adjusted. Other benefits and services are completely the same as the previously mentioned plans.

If you are on a low budget, have no fear because you can easily buy old Facebook accounts without any hesitation. These are not fake and weak but are completely verified and legal. Let’s have a look at the old account payment plans.


1.     For 5 accounts

The age will be around 3 to 6 months old and it will cost you around $20 to $30 which is quite affordable. There is also a 3 to 5 days replacement service for your benefit and along with that, you can take your money back if you are disappointed with the service.


2.     For 25 accounts

The cost will be around $50 to $65 and the age is also the same as the previous one. Other benefits are completely identical.


3.     For 50 accounts:

Pay around $100 to $110 and you can have this plan with a fast delivery service. Replacement and money-back guarantee options are also available for this plan.


4.     For 5 accounts (7 to 11 months old)

The older ones are considered authentic by many users and due to that, you have to pay $25 to $35 to get this account. Similar benefits are also present in this plan.


5.     For 25 accounts (7 to 11 months old)

The cost of this plan is around $65 to $85 with the same services (replacement and money-back guarantee).


6.     For 5 accounts (2 to 3 years old)

$30 to $38 is the price range for this plan. Don’t worry because you will definitely get the same benefit as other plans.


7.     For 25 accounts (2 to 3 years old)

This one is a bit expensive and will cost around $100 to $150. The services will also be similar.


8.     For 50 accounts (2 to 3 years old)

This plan is the most expensive out of all the old accounts. You have to pay $200 to $260 and you are good to go. After you have placed the order, you will be provided with the opportunity to avail the same kind of services.


Business Benefits

·        You can give different offers to customers and this can make your page different from other competitors. With time, you will be able to draw the maximum number of customers which can turn out to be a profitable approach at the end.

·        Some accounts are sold with a maximum friend limit of around 5000. So, only those who are already connected to the account will instantly be able to view your product within the time you upload it onto your page.

·        You can easily increase or decrease the price of your product or other services all the time and this will help the customers to stay updated. You can also communicate with them through the message if they have some queries.

·        If you can make an attractive cover photo and provide all the details in the ‘about’ section of the page, this will increase the value of your page onto a new level among people. More popularity means more growth and profit for your business.



Use the popularity of Facebook to your advantage. Advertise your product and company in a way that will create a buzz among people.

However, always buy authentic Facebook accounts.

Have a good day!