Article Writing

Article Writing

In the past, people used to read articles with the help of a computer and nowadays, they can do the same thing by using their smartphone. Suppose you are on your way to the office and get stuck in a traffic jam, reading an article during this boring time will turn out to be a heavenly situation for you.

It will help you divert your mind and along with that, the level of your knowledge will increase to a new extent. If you look onto the website, you will find tons of articles that focus on certain aspects.

However, have you ever considered yourself a writer? Like painting, article writing is also an art that plays with words to make a specific topic come to life.

So, if you are planning to gather lots of information regarding article writing, you are in the right place, congrats! Check out this informative article.


What is Article Writing?

Article writing can turn out to be an important part of people’s lives. The demand for it is very high because we all need knowledge about different areas that form humanity. Thus, with the help of technology, the opportunities to spread information are endless.

Various websites owners and other business people prefer to write articles regularly in the form of blog posts, magazines, newspapers, etc. To generate revenue, online marketers apply this writing approach as well to establish their brand and become popular among the people globally.

But you should keep one thing in mind that article writing is not as easy as it looks. You can’t just dump words and make a story out of it. This task requires you to do various researches regarding your chosen topic so that you will be able to write in a way that will surely attract readers without a doubt.

If you look at some of the blog posts and check the comment section, there are various positive and negative reviews. The proportion of good or bad reviews will determine whether the readers will stay with your updated blogs or not.

Likewise, various article writing services provided by content writers and other freelancers. They are highly skilled in the kind of work they are working with and each of their writings is extremely precise and flawless. You won’t have to move from one website to the other to get information about a certain topic.

Reading their articles will give you the overall idea that you were looking for in the first place. To make your work easier, there are some sites where you can pay to get a unique article on your given topic at a certain period of time. This opportunity will save your time and effort as well.


How to Write an Article?

Below, you will find a step by step guide that you can follow to write an article.


·        Step 1: Choose a Topic of Your Interest

Your initial task is to choose the kind of topic that will interest you the most because your choice will determine your desire and motivation to complete the whole task. Take around one to two days for your topic hunt so that you will have an idea about how to align all the scattered pieces and make it like a story.

Avoid jumping right into a broad topic because it will confuse you throughout the whole time. As an alternative, narrow it down onto a specific area so that your focus can remain laser targeted. It will also be easier to gather details as well.

Then, you should write a draft so that you can create a blueprint in a physical form. This step is helpful because it gives you the chance to let out all your imagination into a piece of paper.


·        Step 2: Think from the Readers’ Point of View

As you are creating the draft, think about how the reader will feel after they are done reading your article? What kind of questions might generate in their mind? What kind of creativity can you apply to bring that friendly vibe to your article?

So, do some brainstorming and jot down all of it because all of these will be your guideline towards making the perfect article.


·        Step 3: Start Researching

Take a couple of days for your research process. Be calm and remain patient throughout the searching period. Try to include the basic meaning of your topic along with some latest statistics and other informative things.

Make a list of all the information that you are going to include and search all of it on individual times. In this way, you will be able to understand the proper way to systematically align all the information. Save all of it either on your computer or notebook. Bookmark the websites that you will need in the upcoming time while writing the final article.


·        Step 4: Make Interesting Drafts

It is pretty much predictable that the first draft won't be up to the mark and don't get disheartened due to that. With time and practice, you will be able to find out the flaws and work on that.

Besides, all the materials that you have collected in the research process will come in handy in this step. Use your creative mind and make a connection between all of them in a story like a manner. Don't complicate it with tough vocabularies as it will definitely ruin the mood and interest of the users.

Make the sentences easily understandable and most importantly, it should be friendly and flexible so that anyone can easily grasp it within their first reading.

After you are done with all of that, read your whole draft and ask yourself whether you are satisfied with it or not? If it is a yes, you can take a sigh of relief and if not, check all the loopholes and start working on it.


·        Step 5: Target a Specific Area

As mentioned already, make your topic simple and specific. Don't confuse the readers by taking them from one place to the other.

If you are writing about sports, pick a specific one and elaborate it cleverly. You can also include other sports if your topic prefers the need for it. Just put it into a subheading and explain according to your desire.

In case of including various information in a single sentence individually, try giving key points to make it less crowded and readable. Use paragraphs throughout your article because it is highly recommended by professional writers.

Normally, paragraphs are a strategic approach to maintain the focus of the readers as it gives them a psychological hint that the article is not overly dense and are spacious.


·        Step 6: Finishing Part

With the final draft ready, show it to your friends and families to get their reviews. Their advice might help you out in advance so take as many suggestions as possible.

Finally, submit it to the publication with your cover letter and you are good to go.


Rules for Writing Awesome Articles

Take a look at some of these basic rules and apply all of them to make your article a top-notch one.


·        Rule 1: Keep the Introductory Paragraph Short

You should definitely take this first rule very seriously. In order to draw the visitors onto your article for a long period of time, make the introduction short and simple. Include that friendliness vibe at the beginning to generate the excitation in the first place.

Large paragraphs will require extra efforts for the visitors to get an idea about the kind of topic that you have written. They might give it a try initially but they will lose interest at some point.  

So, keep the opening very precise and vibrant. Try writing two to three sentences and gently guide the readers onto the next phase that is the main elaboration of your topic.


·        Rule 2: Give the Readers an Opportunity to Think

For each section, include short paragraphs as much as possible. These will act as the crumbs and pieces of an unsolved case that the readers will continue to want more and more.

Along with that, the small-sized paragraphs give a sign onto your brain that it will be easier to read and finish. As a result, you will be following the brain's order. You will also be able to take a breath and think about the kind of information that you just have gathered rather than getting lost into the sea of sentences after sentences.

Similarly, balance the spaces as well as the words that you are using so that all the dots can be easily connected by the people.


·        Rule 3: Make the Sentences Clear

You don’t have to explain a particular topic more broadly if it is not mandatory at all. Just get to the exact point that you want the reader to understand and make it straightforward. Like the previous rule, connect one sentence to the other so that it is meaningful.


·        Rule 4: Give the Readers What They Want

It will be pointless if a reader just read your article and are not satisfied at all. They are reading your content for a reason and if you make it a bluff, you will waste their time and ruin your reputation as well.

Make it a win-win situation for both parties so that you guys can help each other out. You will provide beneficial content for the readers that they were looking for and thus, they will give their positive reviews and recommend it to others.

Accordingly, never write content just to make your presence among people. If you have this kind of mindset, your survival in this area will be very short and quick. Give people what they want and in return, you will definitely get your reward.


·        Rule 5: Create a Story

Every single people in the world would love to read a story and you can’t deny this ultimate truth. It is a human pattern that we all carry because a story gives us a visual idea about the kind of message that we are receiving. Stories also possess the capability to imprint a particular message in our memory for a long time.

Therefore, you should draw the attention of the reader by writing your article in a way that seems lively. Reveal a particular mystery or talk about some ancient events and try to blend it with your personal idea. 

If you are talking about some latest technologies, tell the readers how it has affected you in a beneficial way and the way it can be used for the welfare of humanity. Sharing your personal experience will seem more acceptable to people around the world. This can be a strategic way to make your article communicate with the reader.


·        Rule 6: Check Your Competitors

There might be a situation where your topic will turn out to be similar to some other article writers. Don’t back off the time you get to see their writings; instead, remain calm and read all of their posts. Take their ideas and analyze the area they haven’t researched yet.

If you manage to extract all of it, you will have a research gap in front of you that you can further work on it. Every reader will prefer to gain new knowledge and that is the key reason they are going to search and read articles. What you can do is to fill this vacant spot by including all the research gaps that you have found from all the writers.

This strategic approach will create a pathway for you to gain a competitive advantage among other writers.

On the other hand, avoid copying your competitors’ articles in all cases as this will turn out to be a risk for you at some point. If you are caught red-handed, your article will get banned for sure and you might get some kind of punishment due to that.



Make your article unique and completely detached from others. While creating your final draft, consult with others and take notes in all aspects.

Best of luck!

Have a good day!